07/29/20: President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure


The White House


  1. Trump for sure knows what is going on in EU-zone and Germany (the biggest country) What he does now with his army is a sign he knows.
    We the people count on His support to overcome what is going on here now as a pre WWll regime like political repression of civil rights. kr flanders/belgium/EU. We need you guys,

  2. Me Trump you are brilliant Sir if I lived in USA 🇺🇸 you have my vote
    Love from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  3. Trump used Trumps GESTAPO for Military Occupation of Portland to the absolute Violation of Peoples Constitutional rights! Trump should be Prosecuted for Treason and Crimes against Humanity.

  4. Send in the National Guard clean up Portland and Wheeler & Brown out of office! They are sympathizers of baby killers, arsonists, anarchists, street thugs & rioters. They are not upholding their oath of office nor are they upholding & defending The Constitution Of The United States or The Constitution Of Oregon!!! GET REAL THEY SHOULD BE ARRESTED FOR TREASON!!!!!!

  5. WHAT A SCREWED UP DEAL 400% UP IN CRIME IN NEW YORK what is wromg with this situation the demonrats are trying to discuss the presidents home town just to make him look real bad and really pissing him off they are doing what we should of seen or known this is all to do with power to control the people and take over to destoy all we work for besides getting ript off useless brain dead messing with the good peoples head not for long this will not go on

  6. President Trump will be ordering a clean up all left overs to the dump media and scumcrats that is and anyone related walking zombies remember the movie this is what they are trying to turn the country into do not think for a second this is far fetch for you would be surprisingly wrong

  7. all them drugs been ship anywhere and everywhere like never before that drug they call DOWN is a gtreat example and fetnol patches oxy these meds are totally out of control over profits and population control mind control its all out there so what ya gonna do aboy it

  8. Democrats are crazy
    The head of the Democratic Party’s local government must be deported to hell
    It is the same as a mob that one of the rule of law does not know.
    I was disappointed with the Democratic Party
    I leave the Democratic Party forever.

  9. Thank you Mr. president DONALD J Trump, for what you are doing for the Country. YOURS Vietnam Veteran. STEFANIA K

  10. We are all in this together. Landlords have not gotten the message. If they donot feel they are part of what’s going on , donot let them evict.
    Thank you

  11. 「バブル崩壊とビットコイン」資本主義のカラクリから分かる恐慌のメカニズムhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTj_x0ONd6w

  12. God bless my president Donald J Trump God keep him safe from all harm all that is his thank you God for putting the right man for president 2020 trump!!!

  13. He continues to say”the Democrats are not taking care of the people “, when he is the damn President and refuses to be specific about how he plans “to take care of the people “. #DontheCon


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