08/10/20: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Press Briefing


The White House


  1. A lot of us are still waiting for the first round of unemployment and I’ve been waiting for 4 months 6 months so the $600 extra Federal money we haven’t even gotten it the Democratic governors in our states are putting it in their own pockets

  2. Сегодня мы видим как можно организовать выборы во время пандемии в Польше. А вот Почта не имеет конституционного права проводить выборы. На почте работает много людей которые не как не связаны с избирательными комиссиями. На почте нет наблюдателей, а почтовая письмо проходит через разные руки. По этому голосование почтой это неуважение к стране и демократическим институтам. Если вы считаете что у вас пандемия выборы или переносят или организовывают избирательные участки по технике безопасности. Польша смогла организовать нормальные выборы, все прошло нормально. В штатах где будет будут проведены выборы через почту будут легко оспорены в суде как незаконные. Почта не имеет статуса организатора выборного процесса.

  3. Why does the stupid media have any interest when if and when we get money? What business is it of theirs when it’s clearly going to the workers and not them?

  4. The narcissistic orange clown is a high stabber and criminal who has never respected the country and its values. He has divided society like no other president and advocated racial currents. The US will continue to lose prestige

  5. All my love President Trump. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard about companies bringing in foreign workers to replace American works, and the American workers severance pay was held in lieu of training their foreign replacements. This news of your actions brought a tear to my eyes. I am 100% positive real Americans will be voting for your second term. And I’m sure you are aware of the rumors in the case that it appears you might not win. I am among those with a flag outside my house. I’m 53, but I would pay to work for you, if I had any money. God Bless.

  6. I watch these briefings to find out what is really going on because we don’t get the real news reported in the UK

  7. This woman is Amazing & will go down in history as the most professional, best prepared Press Secretary this country has ever had.

  8. Kayleigh is a thriller who outsmarts the dumb MSM everytime & they hate it as they are no match for her.Trump 2020 who is saving the children from evil.

  9. My goodness her drival and lies are tiring to listen to. Another 1400 dead yesterday in America is sinful. Trump is the most inept leader ever,, yet she speaks about him like he’s been magnificent. She has morals lower than a snakes belly.

  10. TY-Fyi:Low-income housing can be in ‘middle’ income neighborhoods w/o any problems of depreciating if the owners&management use just rules and intelligence in taking care of them

  11. TRUMP please save Canada’s freedom and bring us along quickly into the new world. Real Canadians fought and died along side allies during some of the most brutal and crucial wars. True Canadians are strong and defend freedom powerfully Please free us from the Cabal.

  12. I think Kaylee should run for president after President trumps second term because we know Trump is a shoo-in I am a staunch Republican have been from is the day I was old enough to vote

  13. I have an answer for school you can teach the world from a tv you can do it with just one teacher for each subject and the child would never have to leave their homes have multiple channels teaching our kind off a tv by the best teachers you have and do it everyday as you would if you go to a actual school and not only will you save a ton of money and fuel and lives by doing it this way everyone will receive the highest education we can provide for the world that’s how you educate the world without costing almost nothing to do you can also train adults for jobs on a tv it’s not what they want it’s what they need

  14. That way have no more hazing kidnapping teachers and students having sex no more fighting no more bullies no more my can’t get a proper education cause of racism no more public schools teach them from a tv you can even have college taught the same way teachers can teach right from their homes what was that key board you could hook to a tv to get on the internet with back in the 90’s use that so they can key in there home work and testing I know you have computer classes the tv would be less costly and you can use the money that went buses and buildings for help the less unfortunate ones even they can get an education right alone with their children if needed even go to college right from home just by watching tv

  15. You still have same amount of students in a classroom and you could pay the teacher more money the only difference is it’s all done from their homes without other kids disturbing one another they can have like a hand to raise when asking a question and talk with the teacher just your computer classes just with a tv


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