09/10/20: President Trump Holds a News Conference


The White House


  1. God BLESSED you president Donald Trump keep safe alwaysand I wish that always be healthy
    And all around the world’s

  2. 192,000 virus deaths NOT 180,000 that he quoted or “embers” as he previously referred to them. If we have turned a corner then I’m afraid we are on the wrong side of the road and there is a large truck coming the other way.

    If “Bob Woodward was so concerned about the virus then he should have told them” ….hold on aren’t you responsible for managing the pandemic?! Who are they?

    “The biggest political scandal of all time” has he not heard of Watergate or his own impeachment?

    He knowingly lied to us about the severity of the virus, just like he is lying about the economy, the environment, the rioting. No doubt “protecting us from the truth”.

    He tells us to send our children back to school, whilst his own son will not be returning. His school deem it unsafe to open their doors right now, how rich.

    If he thinks that I will be taking the “election vaccine” then he is sadly mistaken. Let the Trump family go first.

    US Debt currently stands at $3.3 trillion dollars, we have mass unemployment, a major recession, widespread racial and social rioting. He’s right we have numbers “like you wouldn’t believe”, how true.

    I don’t just want him defeated in November, I want to punch him on the nose.

  3. Our Beloved President Trump, God Bless You and Yours. Truth Shall Prevail. President Trump will be the President all other presidents are measured by .. .. ..

  4. If Democrats win in November, the world will descend into a darkness of tyranny where all individual personal and economic freedoms will be repressed and liberty will be lost. In global affairs, China and Iran will become the new geopolitical center of the world. You should look at the burning stores in many American cities as the promise the Democrats are making to the US electorate. They are letting the US electorate clearly know what they are buying into when you vote for them. Evil always takes more pleasures in people willingly, with eyes wide open, accepting evil, than merely accepting evil be deception. Vote for Trump in November, for your future, for your children’s future. Godspeed.

  5. God blessed our country with a great leader. And he was right on top of this virus long before anyone else.
    He took steps to try n cut it off quickly . While others poked and down played it.

  6. * — B’h Mr. President Donald Trump,


    The Land of Israel is the Promised Land given to our forefathers Abraham Isaac and Jacob and is given to us, their seed, as an everlasting Inheritance. The first commentary by the Biblical commentator Rashi in Genesis tells us that when the nations of the world will tell us, Listim Atem, (you are occupiers), our answer is that the entire universe was created by the G-d, the Creator of the World, who decides who are the rightful inheritors and occupiers of the Land. The Bible clearly tells us that the Land of Israel all of it belongs to the Jewish People. Period. Rabbi Richman (as well as many other Rabbis) points out the holes in President Obama’s speech given in Cairo in June, 2009. He also warns that anyone who tries to harm Israel risks Divine retribution. Although not in this video, another Rabbi, Rabbi Shlomo Dov Wolpe (sos-israel.com), reminds us what happened the last time America pressured Israel to destroy Jewish homes in Gush Katif, making over 8000 Jews homeless. ONE DAY after the last Jew was dragged out of Gush Katif, Hurricane Katrina began, making many more Americans homeless. And now, President Obama wants Israel to make another part of the Jewish state Judenrein???!!! He does not recognize the legitimacy of Jewish settlement in Israel???!!! Egypt, under Pharoah, also tried to mess with the Jews and look what it got them.

    Unemployment, foreclosures, faltering economy, terrorism, grifters, Presidents Obama’s State of the Union Address, and the 16th of March: What do all these things have to do with the building of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem? The answer to all these questions are addressed by Rabbi Chaim Richman in this straight talking five minute video.


    On May 19, 2011, President Barack Hussein Obama delivered a Middle East Foreign Policy speech in Washington, D.C. In it he reveals his true intentions for the state of Israel and the people of Israel. This video is a response. “For, behold, days are coming, the word of the L-rd – when I will return the captivity of My people Israel and Judah, said the L-rd, and I will restore them to the land that I gave their forefathers and they will possess it.” (Jeremiah 30:3


    B’h Mr.President, Donald Trump,


    Archaeologist Hillel Richman, Senior Researcher and Past Supervisor, Ancient Jerusalem Sifting Project and Temple Mount Sifting Project, refutes the spurious theories claiming that the Temple Mount was in any other place other than Mount Moriah, with an emphasis on the ‘City of David’ theory, while providing incontrovertible historical and archaeological proof that the Holy Temple was, and will be, located on what is today referred to as the Temple Mount. This teaching was recorded on November 7, 2018, in Rogers, Arkansas

  7. It’s really interesting how YouTube does nothing about the comments that are so obviously from sock puppet or fake accounts. Nothing.

  8. You say all these new jobs but so many businesses are permznetly closing. Pizza Hut, Chucky Cheese, Century 21. Just to name a few. With all the closures where are the people going to get financing to pay the mortgage and rent? There are for some no job to return to after the Coronavirus. Housing is not free, mortgages include property taxes, mortgage insurance, water, sewer, & garbage, electricity. Without employment there is one alternative that is HOMELESSNESS! Now, you have stated a 2nd stimulus would cause you to be accused of giving for your election. That is selfish!

  9. The News Person(@ 21:01) shows such DIS-respect that it really angers me to the point of wanting to find a spare leg and
    beat him half to death with it. Yeah, I’m disabled but my mind isn’t & the way he acted to our President lets me know that
    he has TOO many Safe Spaces during his life. Sp put me in a safe place w/ him & I promise to do the America thing….
    peace to ALL

  10. Can you imagine the panic in society if our own President gave nothing but dread and doom updates instead of being positive and optimistic? It the same reason why scientist will never tell us if a word ending asteroid is about to hit the earth.

  11. Did George Stevenson smith tell you about the multiple ear inflections I got as a child’s. Guess wat.. my ears both currently hurt right now! And..

  12. The “all stars”…
    of perpetual
    LYING PROPAGANDA Trump calling them out, bc he knows WHY they are there ❗️
    Their Boss: Oblahblah, gave them orders to stir some lies.


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