09/18/20: President Trump Holds a News Conference


The White House


  1. This is NOT a press briefing this is another tax payer funded rally where he lies to us at our expense. The medical guy looks absolutely terrified in case he lets the truth slip out about the “election vaccine”.

  2. Cool Cool Sheep NINE and Golden Haired Omen = 911.
    Keep It Cool = 666.
    Keep It Cool – Donald John Trump = 1776.

    Cool Times “JOIN” Said LEGION = 911.
    Cool Times “JOIN” Said LEGION – Great Beast Light = 1776.

    Cool Time Of Half Prince and King = 666.
    Cool Time Of Half Prince and King – Great Beast TRUMP Dark Lord = 1776.
    Cool Time Of Golden (911 MEN) Of Darkness = 911.

  3. STOP! “See” There is NR NINE = 911.
    One EYE is good man – Omen = 911.
    Dark EYE is good man – Sealed = 911.

  4. 台灣下代輕年喚起繼起之生命.為圓世代榮盈.中華民國將以走入歷史.承(台灣民主共和國)台灣人不能給(台灣)蒙羞

  5. I am speculating that the “Vaccine” will be a placebo for the gullible and comprise of a Saline solution for the Daiper Wearing population….is this Trump playing 5 D Chess!!!!

  6. Please secure the polls… Because they already know that when you walk in the poll site, you’re a republican voter voting for Trump. Because demon-crats sent their votes via mails.

  7. 1:08 world history yes it has 1918 and the same players are still in the game as it was then killing the public
    No one is taking your bill gates shot’s period!!!
    Terrain theory takes down all this b.s. and the medical establishment

  8. The media has ruined privacy in general across the globe. Too much access to too much knowledge causes these repetitive dumbass questions being asked. Why do reporters believe it is any of their business who the hell is working on what in the white house. They’re so consumed with asking the same question 3 different times so they can make an article about trump being a ‘liar’ rather than reporting all of the amazing work he really has accomplished. Reporters ignore all of that and its honestly disgusting how it does go unnoticed. I have so many questions to ask but will never know the answer too because these idiots are more concerned with catching trump contradicting himself. I 100% believe trump will never get the respect he deserves when hes in office but this man will go down in history for all of the good he has done and will continue to do though 2024! VOTE IN PERSON!

  9. If a Democrats such Kamala or Biden wins The White House they will not give the American People a vaccine on time they will give to illegals first, who will vote for them it called control of the population!!! Evil people are these old Democrats, like Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, & Schiff!!! Maybe Our Almighty Lord give them what they desire these non-believers!!! Fakers toward Our Almighty Lord!!!

  10. France 24.aljezera.and many more is reliable news tv station. the worst I ever seen I mean every careful listener not a careless listener is CNN. CNN is a fake news.CNN can never talk about Europe.africa.asia even America but only praise democrats political party and destroy republican political party,they really want U .S .A to engage in civil war,CNN is the number one enemy of the American people,if trump loose the way they wanted perhaps America will fight a civil war.

  11. Wonder how long before he starts trash talking this general and eventually fires him. That’s what he’s done with all the others he’s praised.

  12. President Trump, unfortunately, can not as yet separate the greedy vaccine producers from the realistic vaccine producers. This is an important point. The numerous booster shots necessary to implement a successful vaccine schedule for such a benign chameleon virus make its production similar to taking an ocean liner, putting wheels on it and a safety inspection to cruise the freeways. Trusting it will permanently stop traffic. Totally absurd. Already, thanks to schools like Stanford, the public now knows that the real death rate from corona viruses is less than 0.5% of patients, with the very old and of delicate health making up most all of these numbers. Corona and rhinoviruses are in us, outside of us, and transferring genetic and non-genetic information between. And just hanging around, without incident. The ‘COVID-19’ campaign was a second release of the corona virus carriers for the SARS gene, which for less than 20 days is an extremely virulent combination. The queen of England holds several U.S. Patents for her Pirbright Institute’s work matching corona viruses with SARS genes. Bill Gates funded it since before 2003. He bribed Anthony Fauci with $100 million too to get his Billkill program in as U.S. government policy. In 2010, the Rockefeller Foundation released their published ‘Lock Step’ Plandemic playbook and field manual for implementing the ‘COVID-19’ practice pandemic as settled on during a 159 U.N. country agreement on containing a potential pandemic. Thousands of old people were killed in the disobedience of federal government policy. DARPA also funded this. Queen Elizabeth’s SERCO corporation’s contract to run the U.S. Patent office allowed her to get these patents WITHOUT the legally required review. Read these and be wise: https://patriots4truth.org/2020/01/28/corona-virus-is-a-globalist-bioweapon/. The DNC Democrats are now freemason led traitors to the U.S Constitution. As is the central republican committee. State parties vary from wise collections of honest hard working people, while some are merely British agents gathered in treasonous campaigns against our Constitution and government.

  13. President Trump:
    Excellent job with the press.
    News Media John, ask two
    questions and shut up.
    Do not interrupt!!
    Didn’t your Daddy and
    Mommy teach you
    proper manners.
    God Bless America!!

  14. George Floyd was an excuse to start the American Revolution. This revolution will end with the collapse of the liberal capitalist system.This is not just black and white, but the whole system of government in the United States, because racism and corruption are institutionalized within the system because of the Zionist nature of the system. It must stop.In the current system, democracy is a big lie, The revolution of the people of the United States of America began under the pretext of George Floyd and will end with the overthrow of the liberal capitalist regime. The US-Israel Public Relations Committee, known as AIPAC, is one of the largest and most powerful lobbying groups in the United States. With more than 100,000 members, the lobby group spends millions of dollars each year investing in influencing US government and legislative policies. Biden and Trump, Barack Obama and other politicians are all puppets of corrupt Freemasons and Zionism.
    Dick Cherie and Hillary Clinton admitted that they created ISIS at the behest of Israel.Trump is heavily dependent on racist associations such as Freemasons and Zionism.
    Trump’s son-in-law is tasked with keeping him on the path to ، Thus, the United States is a colony of Freemasonry and Zionism.The US political system is all corrupt and puppets،
    This system is rotten.It has brought the world closer to destruction ,Racism was institutionalized in capitalist liberalism in the shadow of false democracy. It must stop.
    People in the United States are tired of slavery.


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