09/24/20: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Press Briefing


The White House


  1. Kailey deserves a medal. Poor girl dealing with these retards LIKE A BOSS.
    Demonrats still haven’t accepted. Plastic masks would be safer 😉 for media clowns ..no?
    God bless Kailey 🙏

  2. Would Democrats accept four more years of president Trump????????
    Breona was a drug dealing thug.
    Courts did their job!!
    Suck it up!
    If your children do horrendous things and get caught, usually jail or if resist shot or death! Stop dealing drugs, stop resisting, then you won’t have interaction s with police.
    Wake up America!
    Get these thugs off street!
    Totally for police!

  3. I just love the way Kayleigh handles the donkey questions and tactics from some of these so-called journalists. When will they realize you cannot make a case supporting lies and fake news? Great job Kayleigh!

  4. Listened to common sense = Taiwan 7 New Zealand 25 China 4634.
    Listened to Donald Trump = 207,538+ Fauci and WHO were right!
    Pentagon diverted Covid mask money to manufacture more weapons.
    Russia and ISIS can’t believe their luck. Trump kills more Americans than them!!!

  5. Funds for Workers, Babies, Puerto Rico, Farmers… after re-election?
    Another Trump Executive Order? Another Republican Health Plan?
    Show us the money! Remember Trump University.
    Vote now before Trump blows it on Fox TV ads and his family!!

  6. Trump wall keeping Mexicans safe from US Covid, Cages and Forced Sterilisation.
    USA 207,538+ II Mexico 75,439
    Canadians need a wall??

  7. So far government worldwide have failed to give society life liberty and pursuit of happiness and they are criminally overstepping there boundaries on civil liberties and our responsible for the division of people by way of color creed religion and money by secret societies like the Freemason’s scottish rite Zionist Jesuit. There needs to be real change in all government and monopolies like MAGA MICROSOFT AMAZON GOOGLE APPLE

  8. I would like to recognize Chief White House Correspondent Chanel Rion with One America News (OAN). She is one of the few White house Correspondents that bring-up relative current news then ask logical questions. The bias is so obvious as the fake news networks always make her stand in the back of the room. How about rotating those front seats once in a while? Great job Chanel keep up the great work!

  9. I think we should all just accept the fact that the President doesn’t give a DAMN about Breonna Taylor. Bringing her up to him OR his staff is clearly pointless. Last time I saw someone ask him about her, he ignored the question & quickly changed the subject. Then when they asked him another question in regards to her, he rolled his eyes & walked off. I mean, what does it take, a rocket scientist? He doesn’t give a damn. So if you take issue with that, be at those polls on 11/3. Simple. When someone shows you who they are, believe them. It ain’t gonna change.

  10. There’s PLENTY OF PROOF of mail in voter fraud! Patriots WILL NOT ACCEPT those votes! The last 4 years of witch hunts and FAKE impeachments towards our Commander In Chief have BLOWN your FAKE VOTES OUT THE DOOR!!! Everything WILL BE accounted for, or WON’T be counted! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. @Brian Moody. You call kamala Harris communist? Let me sk you these questions then, didn’t trump visit north Korea? Isn’t north Korea communist country?
    Did trump also held talks with Putin and praised him. Believing Putin more so than his intelligence. And again Putin is also a communist right?
    Xi jinping the Chinese president is also a communist country who granted ivanka trump 7 trademarks from China.
    So with your premise you still think that kamala Harris is a communist, more so than trump?
    Give your head a shake or hit it with a brick so that your ignorance might go away. 😁😂🤣😂😅

  12. From a CNN newscaster to being a press secretary. I wonder how she sleeps at night, knowing that trump cares only about himself.
    Time will tell how karma will take over her conscience.

  13. Brenna Taylor was a criminal who died due to her criminal life and due to her boyfriend who shot at cops after they knocked and said Police!. There was never a no knock entry

  14. These activist reporters are acting like Trump has no possibility of winning the election. What will they do when Trump in office for another 4 years then his family takes charge after Trumps 8 years are over.

  15. Kayleigh you are both beautiful & smart!!!!!!!! brains & beauty! that is her thing, i love you! you have become my favorite press secretary ever so far!! nice bare shoulders though!

  16. I saw a lot of boarded up houses & homeless people from California to North Carolina dwn to Florida. Why spend on war equipment & un-necessary military might when a third of the population is in deep distress from poverty? Reduce the war efforts & pay attention to the direction the country is turning to. Fix the inhumane treatment of Black people & fight with them, use your executive orders to stop police criminality & brutality against especially Black people. Yu must understand why the people act defensively when they see police, but to yu it may seem like an ambush.. It’s called self defense from the predators. Stop killing & false accusations against them & America will be once again.. Otherwise, shut yur trap & scat.

  17. Judge Amy is just as Christian as Ruth was Jewish. I do not recollect any vitriol against her by Republicans or the MSM or Chuck Schumer. Odd. What I found very odd is a man doing push ups next to her casket.

  18. It is harrowing, terrifying and scary to see what is happening in the US right now. A once great, diverse, united, democratically run country is falling apart, it is literally tearing apart and thus weakening itself. World politics on the sidelines. And all that only because of a man or a toddler in adult costume, Donald J. Trump is not able to run a company let alone to govern a country because you can only do that if you selflessly serve the people whose country you are governs as president, in which they are saved from harm, they are openly and honestly informed about risks and dangers and then support them with all their might, take them by the hand and get through a crisis like Corona / Covid-19 together with the people.

    But Potus Trump has no compassion or pity. Over 200K people have died because he did nothing. Besides the flight ban, what did he do for China? Nothing … he basically threw New York to the dogs, denied the citizens and frontline workers the help and necessary support just because it is a state run by democrats, is that the way a president should act? A dictatorship does that.

    He silences or slanders all critics, protests are put down because there should only be one. All your MAGA-hat carriers look to North Korea, China, Belarus or Russia because that’s where the USA will end up if you continue to support Trump.

  19. As usual, these MSM reporter do not distinguish between mass mail out ballots and absentee ballots. No accident; deliberately misleading.

  20. The Milord’s Prayer.
    An up-to-date version of The Lord’s Prayer, in clarion English, for the veneration of our Almighty, Genius, One-of-a-Kind, Smartest-Tax-Evader, American President Donald J. Trump — and for the privilege of true gossiple-loving, libel-believing Evangelical Christian Patriots nationwide who cast their vote for his trumpery no matter the compromise to their relevance and integrity.

    In this manner, therefore, pray:
    Our Bother, din heaven,
    wallowed be your fame.
    Your blingdom come.
    Your shill be done on earth as it is sin heaven.
    Give us this day our daily dread.
    And missgive us our gets as we whoregive our debtors.
    And do not cede us in temptation, but deliver us from the evil everyone.
    For yours is the kingdumb and the tower and the glorgy forever.

  21. You are literally telling everyone all of your plans under the guise of the “democratic plan” it’s super weird to watch this happen.

  22. I am Mr Trump supporter and I would like to see him reelected. I wish that Mr Trump administration issues a corona virus death report based on age groups; highly immune ( young ages), susceptible ( middle ages) and high risk ( old ages). Such a report will show that majority 86% of death is in old population probably 55y and older, so the media corona fear hype will be diminished.

    Also as Mr Trump is increasing the test drastically, the cases are higher but if WH issues a weakly report for national transmission rate, it will show how the spread is ” rounding the corner” and we replace the cases number attention which is false by transmission rate which is accurate. I pray to God for Mr Trump.

  23. Did she say something about setting precedent? What about the president the Republican sec in 2016 when they held the seat open for 10 months, 10 months they held the Supreme Court Justice seat open and would not vote. That’s a precedent McConnell set. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander McConnell should remember that that old saying.

  24. I just watched one of Joe Biden’s extended commercials suggesting he would protect the american people if he was president … So why isn’t he and kamala telling nancy pelosi to stop blocking more covid stimulus right now? Aren’t they supposed to the party leaders?

  25. These people are liars and hippocrits! The Republican party has imploded! Why?!!! Because my constituents and colleagues have followed this cry baby into the brink of us looking like a 3rd world country that we normally liberate! The lies are in their faces but they refuse to see. Then spin it out of control! Look what happens in Biden’s America! Any idiot with a brain can see that he used snips and cuts from the news of current days. This isn’t Biden’s America! This is yours and your administration’s doing. And now the some tax returns have showed up in the hands of the NY TIMES. It’s fake news. Nothing the IRS deals with is fake, sir! We were scammed by this President! I donated to the build the wall fund. Scam! Fake news but Bannon is in jail. You scammed a charity for children with cancer. Fake news! But you’ve already been found guilty on this and other crimes and ordered to pay those millions back. Looks to me like the problem is simple! To make America great again… We need to vote you out & lock you up! And all those who helped you.

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