1-on-1 with Gov. Polis: Six months of coronavirus in Colorado


After six months and more than 60,000 cases, Coloradans are still adjusting to life with coronavirus. 9NEWS political reporter Marshall Zelinger sat down with Democratic Gov. Jared Polis for a socially distant interview to talk about his executive orders during the pandemic, the wait for a COVID-19 vaccine and high school sports.

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  1. Hell yeah! Recall King Polyp the 1st and send him packing back to the
    People’s Republic of Boulder where he belongs with the First Cigarette!
    What he’s done to ruin Colorado’s economy and people’s lives is
    criminal, and I wish he could be put in prison for it!

  2. So Polis is now a doctor and knows how virus work? What a nut job. He like to hear himself talk, even though he knows nothing about what he is talking about. Well that makes sense he came on the fake news 9. This is the worst news station in Colorado. All these idiots on Next 9 are liars to try and help Dems lie to the public. When the elections come up, go out and watch the election polls. Take video you will see that they are dumping thousands of republican and independent votes. They did this fraud in California, now look at it.


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