10/01/20: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Press Briefing


The White House


  1. Where’s that big mouth of yours now big boy. Tell them Trump, FAKE NEWS, FAKE NEWS. Lmbo. That lady karma will get you every time and I owe her one hell of a gift right now. You’ll be ok Trump. No worse than the flu. That part truly is Fake News!!!! Lmbo I love you lady karma.

  2. God bless you Mr. President and the First Lady you guys are in my prayers We The American People need you more than ever and you will overcome the CV and come back stronger than ever 🇺🇸🙏🙏TRUMP🙏🙏

  3. Fact: Ballots are destroyed and lost during the national vote-by-mail experiment.

    Reporter: “Where’s the river!”

  4. The White House Press corps is not legitimate in anyway and have proven themselves to be journalistic frauds. Press briefings should ONLY include foreign journalists, OAN, Newsmax and any other outlet that can prove their journalistic INTEGRITY. POTUS nominated 3X for the Noble Peace Prize and ZERO questions, ZERO reporting from NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS about it. THEY ARE A JOKE

  5. Who are these reporters “they” the pukes make up stories and say “a person who has information in the case” but no names of people places or things/rivers/roads names are in the reports…EVER

  6. Kayleigh thank you lady beautıful woman and clever make america great again Donald Trump for vote please north Carolina Florida alabama Georgia Arizona Missisipi Texsas colarado Arkansas California Atlanta tenesse north dokota south dokota

  7. “Where is the River?” The esteemed Reporter from FOX NEWS NETWORK did not receive an acceptable answer. Kayleigh is easily triggered. Does she have the Corona Virus as well? McEnany is in close contact with Trump frequently. She probably has closer contact with Trump than Melania does

  8. The fake media really are just on a character assassination mission. This really ought to be blatantly obvious by now! Kayleigh really shouldn’t have to keep repeating herself because the MSM refuses to accept and understand the plain english words that come out of the President’s mouth! Omg! Get ’em Kayleigh!

  9. When ballots are mailed to wrong address, deceased people, go missing or just misplaced REMEMBER those voters may realize it & report it to get another ballot so they still get to vote – BUT the lost ballot is still OUT THERE-one neighbor gets 4 extra ballots for previous tenants, reports & returns the wrong ones BUT HOW MANY PEOPLE DON’T?? https://www.heritage.org/election-integrity/report/four-stolen-elections-the-vulnerabilities-absentee-and-mail-ballots

  10. Trump knew his supporters won’t give a damn if he lies about COVID-19. https://www.facebook.com/CNNReplay/videos/765889410891431/?vh=e

    Fool me once, shame on you. … https://youtu.be/TyynkloSbSY

    Join: ProSe Party
    To protect and enhance the rights of the U.S. citizen. https://www.facebook.com/ceciljamesroth/

    I am not voting for Trump because of the lies he’s said, the wrongs he’s done, the promises not kept, and he does not care about the concerns of the common citizen. Trump only cares about his own interests and friends that can help him.

    Be part of the solution,
    Not part of the problem.
    Help vote out Trump – Copy and Share.

  11. President Trump is doing great! Why was the 1950s so great. Most people in our country were making great money and We were producing everything. So people spent money to Our business’ and companies. And THAT WAY EVERYONE DID WELL. But we got convinced (guess by who) that We should be the only country to care so much about environmental issues (Our lush vegetation could handle it) Then those same people (haters of America) (the ones that send people to hurt us, because that don’t even want them) WANTED NAFTA. This country The USA, has it all. We do not need anyone. We do have friends in England and a few others. We have the land, the resources to make everything and pay people well and they then can BUY ALL. And where did the violent, murdering rapist come from who has that mind set .Where did this not respecting Women come from, what countries people thinks disrespectful women and who has taught our people that mind set.

  12. I have a serious question ….does anyone know why they have these briefings ? The reporters are getting worse , no respect towards Kayleigh or the President . Even though Kayleigh is totally awesome with their idiocy , it just doesn’t seem worth it . If they stop these regular briefings , the reporters won’t get their way !

  13. It’s obvious that Joe Biden running for President was China’s pick and China had the best time of their lives under the Obama administration and they are doing everything possible to bring back Joe from the dead and to kill manufacturing in the USA again. Don’t be like Australia, it’s too far gone. #CHINAVIRUS
    Get well President Trump, and President Trump is looking great and doing fantastic.

  14. This old mole reported that she would not release name of WH staff who maybe in Quarantine – she is just like Trump a corrupt reporter must have had the same mother

  15. *Alaska’s Bubbling Lakes..😱⌛*


    *AusFART Honeybunch!🍡🍑🌭*

    *The LORD*



  16. No sooner has the China attacked and invaded Taiwan than the all uncharitable counterattacks should be immediately unleashed by Allied Powers headed by the United States against the CCP and its PLA, including decapitation of General Secretary Xi Jin-ping by Grim Reaper Drone MQ-9B and bombing all China’s military bases and forces by Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missile LGM-30 Minuteman launched from the U.S. metropolitan territory in order to firmly and definitely prevent the universal value of freedom and democracy from being destroyed and ruined by the totalitarian CCP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFr2LPycpIQ

  17. I absolutely love you Kayleigh! You are a voice and an inspiration for so many. Please know there’s an army of supporters cheering you on from the sidelines. With much gratitude!!

  18. The USA must resolve himself right now to strike the CCP back to Paleolithic age by all means or completely and instantly destroy the CCP by all forces, otherwise, very soon following the CCP’s invasion of the Taiwan, the USA will be struck back to Paleolithic age as well as the foundation of American value will be completely destroyed by the CCP, so that keep it in mind seriously that never hesitate to take decisive and instant actions of completely destroying the CCP, otherwise, the Living Hell ruled by the Satan will soon be befallen on the USA, His Allied Countries and the all Free World!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lTImEIbTcI&bpctr=1601958789

  19. Kayleigh you must be a saint they way the press is being so disrespectful and talking on you. Praying 🙏 God bless America.

  20. The progressive-regressives, woke culture and marxists have embraced racism and are engaging in an inversion attempt to try and vilify those who refuse to surrender to their fascism.

  21. Teen Skipper Gerboles is going to infect more people with her lies then the covid she got from Trump ! 🇺🇲💩🐷🇺🇲💩🇺🇲💩🐷

  22. It’s Communists like the White House Press Pit that make me want to kill myself every day of my life. They don’t ask intelligent questions. They don’t help the American people to understand the news or the objective facts. They are not kind nor considerate. They’re not thoughtful. They don’t care. They’re mindless Demonicrat talking points. They espouse hatred professionally. They are traitorous. They commit treason as regularly as breathing. They only care about the Party, their establishment Deep State swamp of unelected and unwanted bureaucrats with their fat greedy fingers in every stream of tax revenue and legislation. They are predators, both of the sleeper cell and sexual variety, committing scandals and shaming the public office so commonly they should be behind bars as perverts and subversives. If we were truly living in an America I could be proud of, they would all be tried and executed as enemies of the State and the People. They all deserve nothing less.

  23. Hotcool =since covid19 is a deadly predator { human flesh eater] virus- it may take few day to heal the damage tissue = few days rest is beneficial= please be safe smart = thank you
    Hotcool = covid19 victims has a has a high prevalence of developing PTSD like symptoms = please be smart safe = thank you
    Hotcool = life is funny= I know- I died once = Once I had deep cut in my foot – took few days to heal the wounds & months to recover [I learnt to use a walking stick for stability & avoid accidents] = please be smart safe = thank you
    hotcool= evidence of insecurities caused by magical-thinking related to religious believes as a reason for violence = forensics psych ++=peace please = thank you hotcool= may Dr. Sigmund Freud – Dr. Carl Jung [ Dr. Martin Seligman [ICAP 2017]+++] wish for World Peace through Peaceful Healthy Mind come-True = good job Mr. Pres. Trump nice Red Tie ++ = thank you Hotcool = nice smart-beautiful-Blue = thank you

  24. Just to add to the mail in ballot debacle, If the media would actually do their jobs and research the stories, talk to the citizens…we’ll tell you. I received a mail in ballot in my maiden name, at my parents house that I haven’t lived in for over 12 years. And there are plenty more stories like mine out there. If only the media was interested in finding the truth.

  25. Do you guys think these useful idiots KNOW they’re working for the very “people” trying to enslave the entire human race or are they so wrapped up in their narcissistic delusions that they’re oblivious to it?

  26. Don’t forget that the virus developed by the CCP regime is ruthlessly attacking all Americans on American soil. And do the
    individuals, groups, and organizations that choose to work with the CCP regime intend to abandon the interests of the United
    States in order to obtain personal gain from the CCP regime? Whether it is a Democrat or a Republican, the CCP virus will never
    show any mercy. It is wise to let the CCP regime take responsibility and without delay.


  28. The despicable CCP gangster, who has framed up accusations of spying and arrested hundreds of Taiwanese as hostages indiscriminately which is intolerant to the Heaven and Earth, and deserves to be reprimanded by God and causing its party to death! 卑鄙的中共匪徒,羅織間諜罪名,濫捕數百名台灣人當人質,天地不容,應受天譴和亡黨之報!

  29. I learned that Biden was friends with robert byrd a member of the kkk – we have not heard Biden denounce white supremacy or the kkk and he is friends with George soros . Hope the world gets to know

  30. Herman Shuai, the retired army lieutenant general and former legislator of the ROC in Taiwan, who analysed and said that “Rather than counterattack passively, it is better to strike first, because Taiwan has no strategic depth, so not conducive to protracted war, therefore, before all of our airport runways are paralysed by the Communist Army’s long-range rockets, we should take the first strike to paralyse or destroy the Communist Army’s rocket bases, Beidou satellites and airport runways in order to ensure Taiwan’s air superiority and continue the defensive operations of the Island of Taiwan.” as follows: https://www.chinatimes.com/opinion/20200923005111-262105?chdtv

  31. The present-day true China is called “ROC in Taiwan” rather than the “PRC in Mainland”, because the former is based on the people’s calling the shots but the latter is just based on the one-party’s will of CCP’s instead of the will of people’s.

  32. The army must be nationalized in order to fulfill the will of the people instead of the party, therefore, party bans and newspaper bans must be liberalized so that the people’s wishes can be freely expressed, so that the country truly belongs to the people rather than just one party!

  33. Want to know the Truth about the true powers of this world, Reality + what our lives are truly all about..Trump beleaves in our Father in Heaven, and by the way, the ARK of the COVENANT has been found in Jeremiah’s Grotto, right under where YESHUA=Jesus was crucified. So HIS BLOOD + WATER that came out when He was stabbed by the spear could run down the crack in the bedrock, that happened when the earth quaked + landed on the correct side of the ARK, that was placed there many hundreds of years earlier. His dried BLOOD was still alive even, + tested as only having 24 CHROMOSOMES = Virgin Born + proving HIS DIVINITY.. (only had one parent= regular 46, which is 23 chromosomes each) + with only one male Y chromosome from the Father.

    PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8TRoQk6WUE @ (41:41) = HIS Blood is STILL ALIVE + had only 24 chromosomes = 23 from his mother + only One from His Father (normal people have 46 = 23 from the mother + 23 from the father). If these videos have been taken down, then in YouTube search these words = ( ark of covenant blood Ron Wyatt ) – Sorry guys + gals, but the higher up elite of mankind has decided to believe + side with these aliens (fallen angels + Nephilim) = sons+daughters of the children of fallen angels + human females in building these particle colliders – which mess with our timelines.

    Isn’t it amazing what knowledge we can gain by simply adding the “il-s” of life, into this evil theory.,, EVil-sOLUTION. Evolution never happened,,, and it never had the time, so it could have happened,,,, because we have only been here on this earth for about 6000 years. Think about the odds of us on an earth that is constantly gaining mass from space dust and meteors, revolving around a sun that is always losing mass from burning fuel=mass. If mankind has evolved over billions of years, then why is there only about 6000 years worth of space dust on the moon = see the moon landings, there are only a few cms of space dust. If evolution ever happened, then it needed the moon to keep the oceans from becoming stagnant water.

    WHERE ARE THE THE BILLIONS OF YEARS WORTH OF DUST DEPOSIT. Surely that would have produce meters of dust, as would not the dust have been even thicker way back then + Don’t try to tell me that something or someone removed the dust every so many thousand years.

    DO THE MATH FOR YOUR SELF = the amount of dust deposit is known,,, + the amount deposited per year is known too. I did the math in the early ’90s, and it worked out to be about 6000 years worth of dust that is on the moon now. I don’t know if they use the same figures now or not. But even so, it should be obvious that after even one billion years,,,, the dust should be many meters thick. + TRUTH about COVID-19 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_vNWmqWmZc

    Perpetual Geometrical Electricity Multiplication can power all things. TESLA was right + free AC electricity multiplication is easily done using PULLEYS =(wheels). This simple technology is even, Found in the Bible @ (Ezekiel 1:16), as the inner workings of a UFO motor. “a wheel in the middle of a wheel” or, a small wheel running around the inside of a large wheel. Or a small cog in the middle of a large cog, with two medium-size cogs of the same tread in between the large outer cog and the small inner cog. Do you see why I chose to use pulleys + belt/elastic/rope/or a piece of tied rope or string, instead of cogs with both sizes of cogs + threads having to have meshed correctly?

    This GEM-(free energy technology) is so simple that it should be obvious-(but it has been hidden by evil spirits). Just think of this small amount of logic,,, it only takes an input of a few sparks,(short bursts of current) to rotate a large 33 cm circumference pulley,(about 10 cm diameter) once, giving you 33 cm of moving belt. Then, if you run this length of belt past 1 to 3 mini-pulleys of 1 cm circumference, with AC or DC motors/generators attached, this would give you an output of 33 or 99 cycles of AC or DC electricity. NOW TRY + TELL ME YOU CANNOT FREELY MULTIPLY ELECTRICITY with pulleys when you can gain 99 cycles of AC or DC electricity, from a few sparks,(short bursts) of DC current, which is the amount to rotate a DC motor with a large 33 cm circumference pulley once.

    + Don’t you listen to these evil spirits, whispering that torque is a problem, as this is a blatant lie. This is because more torque occurs when you need to produce more power, and the only power that you need to produce is the minute amount of current that it takes to crank over your single DC motor one single time. These many rotations of these few motors or generators only need to generate a few short bursts of current, which equals practically nothing, when it comes to current.

    This costs such a minimum amount of cash = 2 DC motors of the same voltage, 1 large + 1 small pulley, a belt, strap, elastic or tied piece of rope or string, possibly 4 diodes for a rough full-wave bridge rectifier, a capacitor and a few wires to connect these components together. This is so simple to assemble that we could start making a GEM=(Geometrical Electricity Multiplier) for almost every voltage that we might need or want. Please remember that a lot of these supplies might be laying around our homes, or you could easily and cheaply pick them up in a junkyard. And if you choose to use AC motors/generators, then you have to add a full-wave bridge rectifier, (4 diodes) in between your AC generator(s) and DC drive motor.

    THIS GEM TECHNOLOGY IS SIMPLE LOGIC, THAT EVIL FORCES ARE HIDING. This website https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxpoiCFKmPg/ is almost identical to the idea that I was shown in the early 2000s as a Vision of a 10-speed bicycle going uphill in 10th gear + then back downhill in 1st gear + I soon put this GEM free energy technology on the web @ http://free-energy.yolasite.com/ Free energy can be generated using pulleys, because pulleys can be used to freely multiply the # of rotations + since AC electricity is generated by rotations, then we can use pulleys to freely multiply AC electricity.

    This is a diagram https://free-energy.yolasite.com/picture-gallery.php that looks a lot like the wiring of this former “science experiment” YouTube video. If you replace the battery with a capacitor + if you only attach one side of the capacitor. I used a battery instead of a capacitor to use any extra power to charge the battery, + also added a warning of how this could be a fire hazard, because of overcharging the battery. This free-energy website of mine was started in the early 2000s, so it was around for a long while, to inspire others of this ancient Ezekiel GEM technology

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    Have you ever heard of the MANDELA Effect? PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT,,,, + then try telling me that there is not a POWERFUL SPIRITUAL WARFARE going on in our world. This is a must-watch video. All of time and space are changing. Things that are true have been altered + CERN is the cause for these events

    Here is one of the videos trying to let this scary information out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPrutcbaerQ&list=PLDIEv5nkqqEa0-u8DIzqpefKBAG0nkb7g&index=1

    + here is an explanation by the Physicists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHKmoBeNWWQ&list=PLDIEv5nkqqEa0-u8DIzqpefKBAG0nkb7g&index=2

    + here is a radio speaker’s view on this

    CERN Is Changing Our Timelines – Proof – Mandela Effect Part 1 Our Father, Who Art in Heaven, had set up a Door = deadline for His Son to come back by/before + it has the Quantum computer http://doorschristmustpassthrough.yolasite.com/ but that Door has already past = JAN 14.57, 2019 = 1st DOOR + https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooZA0riSa9Y tells you what is the real story.
    (REALITY = this is the hidden elite, in high places doing this, not your governments)

    This whole world + whole universe is made of atoms, which are super small + super complex mechanisms,(which we are still learning about),,, containing massive energy =(atomic weapons) We are supposed to believe that these many trillions of trillions of massively complex mechanisms were all created in an explosion = BIG BANG. + WHEN WE STILL, WITH ALL OF OUR MASSIVE INTELLECT, HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO CREATE EVEN ONE SINGLE ATOMIC STRUCTURE. Do you see the utter stupidity of this EVil-sOLUTION conspiracy?


    Here is a website that shows you how quick + simple this GEM technology is to build https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=NxpoiCFKmPg

    + here is a website that I set up to discuss how this GEM technology works https://www.facebook.com/groups/274842009339398/


  34. Honey, you are so great and may God continue to give you the strenght to face those mentally handicapped kindergartners. Maybe put a board up….you know, with the ABC chart and write down what you know they are going to ask……with pictures and Sesame Street figures…..!! thats what they deserve…….

  35. How miserable are the Taiwanese and many other weak & small countries’ people to be constantly bullied, harmed and intimidated by the state-crime exerted by the state-hooligan of CCP! please the World Police, the United States and its Allies can come out to end this unfair state powerfully, soon and early! as follows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qU4kFXYFBE


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