10/18/20: President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Arrival in Nevada


Carson City, NV


  1. Voted for you early! ThankQ! WWG1WGA! God Bless you! Please settle the Providence Financial court case for Widows and Single Women! I need a home and a reliable car. 😘🙏🖖🤟🤩💗🌹

  2. El es un enviado de Dios para ayudar a US en todo el céntimo de la palabra . No conozco ningún Presidente que trabaje más que el sin recibir ninguno pago , solo porque Ama su Patria

  3. Open Letter To The 45th President Of The United States Of America Donald J Trump.

    God Bless You Donald Trump and give you the courage, strength and wisdom, to be on the right side of destiny, to be the greatest president the USA has ever had!!

    Sir you have achieved more in your 1st term in office than all the previous presidents combined.

    Once people realise and really wake up, and see your hand in the down fall of the cabal, the global elites, the corrupt bankers, politicians, the various royal families in the world and their insatiable thirst for adrenochrome and other nefarious activities.

    To gain the fountain of youth they have needlessly enslaved young children and trafficked them like disposable goods. All In the pursuit of their own insatiable greed & vanity, they have sacrificed their humanity and are pure evil and satanic to the core.

    Once people realise your great military war against the deep state, and all the 5 million children that you have rescued from dumbs (deep underground military bases). You will become a national & international hero.

    Posterity will confirm and history will record. That You Sir, will be remembered as the Greatest President of The USA. Who has actually given the power back to the people, aswell as their liberty & freedoms. May the sun always shine, on the glorious New Republic, that you have newly created, once the US goes back to constitutional law and away from corrupt marine law.

    Most importantly though Sir you will be remembered as the greatest peace maker and humanitarian.

    I can only reiterate that Donald you are an amazing man and inspirational in your vision. I can only wish you a very long live, aswell as your incredible family.

    God bless the USA and the rest of the world.

  4. I’m from UK London and wish I could vote for President Trump. He’s a legend and I just Love him . God bless him and protect him and all his family. He is doing a great job fighting corruption ect despite the biased media.

  5. Trump keeps calling out the ‘deep state’; well who is part of that conspiracy, he said so far? the elites who hides money offshore and doesnt pay taxes? Old politicians who’s been an insider for decades? Anyone who has even a remote connection to China? Those elitist Hollywood people? Or people like ‘Crooked Hillary’ who keeps breaking law and ethics code but doesn’t get impeached because they got their ass covered by their party?

    Trump doesn’t need to look far to find the deep state; he just needs to look into his gold framed mirror. But I won’t want to fuel his narcissistic ego that way.

  6. 美台复交 、建交

    国民党+民众党 政府掌权 才放心,不乱打,平起平坐,君主自由

    民进党 政府掌权 不放心,无厘头乱打,民主自由
    台湾VS 大陆==敌人

  7. BREAKING NEWS TRUMP made Deal with Sudan. I’m a6 seal I lost my team.Black Halk Down…Trump is a Traitor…..America lives over Millions

  8. Wanda Vasquez Garcéd governor of puerto Rico Donald j Trump for president of United State of América the real republicans team 🇵🇷🇺🇸

  9. Your president is a rasict this country is rasict. But believe this God is watching all you that teach and preach hate and you will be judged.

  10. Trump: we are doing very good. the poll numbers are looking very very good in many different states.” Me: “The poll numbers are looking very very good, they show you losing, you bumbling Idiot!”


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