10/19/20: President Trump Delivers Remarks in Arizona


Phoenix, AZ


  1. Beijing Trump’s Presidency takes millions in Chinese cash the year he becomes President, and Trump spreads Russian lies about his opponent’s son?
    What a swampy White House this has become.

  2. I am gonna stay up on election day over here in Germany hoping to watch a landslide win like never before. A tsunami of joyful tears will salten my Champagne. God bless Donald Trump.❤

  3. President Trump is the greatest President hands down, the only way he loses is if the criminal left in conjunction with big tech are able to cheat and get away with it like they did in the 2018 midterms.

  4. “Wás ist das Schwérste von állem?
     Wás dir das Léichteste dűnket:
    Mit den Áugen zu séhn, was vór den
     Áugen dir líegt.”  (Goethe, Xenien)



  6. “The FBI should be investigating; I don’t know if they are or not.” You, Mr. Trump, are the President and are in control (supposedly) of the FBI. Now, let me ask you again, why aren’t the FBI investigating Biden since you have the power to remove the FBI Director and all subordinates. This is slap-stick comedy and has to end. Don’t you know that you are over the FBI and CIA? Nauseating, to say the least.

  7. Trump’s personal attorney has indiscreet encounter with actor playing Borat’s daughter in hotel room during pandemic.

  8. This man is definitely high energy. i am in my 50s and can tell you he can run circles around 20 yo. Of course everyone can run circles around 20 yo soy cucks but even the stamina we had back in the day can appreciate this man in his 70s kickin ass and takin names. AND he is YOUR President beyactches hahhahahha!

  9. Biden corruption (Threat to national security). That will fall under one of the questions that will be asked at tonight’s Debate !
    There you go Trump the door is opened . He must reach the Hearts of the ill informed ,naïve, and media influenced people without them feeling stupid.
    A sure win in my opinion would be Trump apologizing for appearing to be lacking ( Diplomacy) in some interviews with the media with a( justified passion). Due to constant widespread opposition to reform).If something is Bad we must fight for correction. However this is an addition to( one of many governed corruptions), I Vowed to expose and fight for. Thus, explaining the need to be Aggressive in appearances. (Total Transparency). I feel the majority of the Americans will understand that as sincere. Than show USA How you can( be as Diplomatic as Obama) when explaining the process procedures being taken concerning the Biden’s corruption (Case ongoing from before Biden’s run at President) and how it affects the trust of the people and national security at the least. I am fighting for USALL. I would suggest not mention Obama any of his corruption can be investigated next term with impeccable Diplomacy, Signed: Kurt the Mediator of the Truth.

  10. Judge Judy could not even recite the five protections that the first amendment of the Constitution affords every American citizen

    She’s a joke..who doesn’t even know what the first amendment of the Constitution says

    So sad-so pathetic-so incompetent

    Judge Judy isn’t even qualified to judge a baking contest

  11. I just read an online article from the Boston globe telling about a secret bipartisan meeting that turned into a think tank regarding ousting the president after the election.
    They called the meeting or meetings TIP. They have been having mock up scenarios of what they will need to do to remove the President from the white house after the election.
    They claim to have tried a variety of scenarios that conclusively end with a civil war breaking out. It doesn’t have any mention of what they will do if President Trump wins the election.
    It seems their focus is on him losing the election.
    What gives these yahoos the right to continue plotting against a sitting President?
    That is what I sense is the gist of it no matter what pretty packaging they wrap around it.
    The f’ers just won’t quit.
    Obviously the two things that they want conclusively to happen is for the President to lose the election or to be overthrown and second for America to break out in civil war to kill each other off so that the survivors are easier and cheaper to manage and manipulate.
    They obviously hope that the President’s supporters don’t survive the outcome.
    These people are so nefarious in their dealings that they are the ones who should be targeted by all citizens. Based on the things that I am reading, I hope that the voters join forces and destroy the governing bodies rather than fighting amongst themselves and doing the work of those government prognosticators.
    edit: corrected spelling.

  12. Trump lied to those 50 million plus Americans that are still hurting from the quarantine shutdown and the current limited environment about stimulas. The only thing that gets bigger and better with Trump are his lies.

  13. Mr President You are doing a historic work; You will save to USA and the world of marxism communism socialism Glory to God God Bless you and God Bless USA in Jesus name, Amen

  14. Crowds are not VOTES!!! AZ is FLAMING blue already THE WAVE HAS BEGUN! There’s no stopping AZ! Trump’s superspreader rallies he had last week have AZ corona positives go up in guess what? Rural areas where most of his supporters are. Stay safe , wear a mask and social distancing will help anyone. Coronavirus is real and everyone should do their part to not spread it. Trump doesnt care if people get sick. He is not enacting any national plan to keep AMERICANS safe. God bless and stay healthy.

  15. Joe Biden is absolutely a disaster to Taiwan no doubt since he had ever strongly opposed the US Senate to pass the “Taiwan Security Enhancement Act of 2000”, as well as he advocated that the U.S. must adopt a “fuzzy policy” which will make China misjudge the determination of the United States to defend Taiwan, therefore it will increase the crisis of the Taiwan Strait. For details go to: https://newtalk.tw/news/view/2020-10-23/483402

  16. The Price for Not Wearing Masks: Perhaps 130,000 Lives.
    The pandemic death toll could be lowered by next spring if more Americans wear masks, a new analysis finds.

  17. Self,Self, Self. When is this guy going to address his problems. 78% of Americans are Scared of Covid, he Avoids this Topic, No MASKS, he doesn’t even ask his followers to protect themselves. Everywhere Trump has gone, there has been a outbreaks, if not Super Spreader issues, even now 3 Pence aids have Covid, right now, yet his still Shaking hands, attending rallies, are you safe at a rally?

    Sorry BUT Trump clearly doesn’t care if people live or die, So long as you vote. but will those Attending these Rallies today, will they actually be Fit, and Well Enough to actually Vote. The way the Republicans are going, it’s possible Trump, Could be his own Downfall.

  18. You can tell when Trump is lying his lips move. Tax returns Hotel in Moscow, Number of resignations during his Presidency. Trump Truth spot the difference the most incompetent public figure ever to exist in the history of politics. Approves Herd Infection what a dispicable human being

  19. God bless President Donald Trump!
    Please pray for him you guys 😄😇.
    He’s such an AMAZING person!! 😄

    Jesus loves you so very much.
    You ARE so special to Him. 🙂

    Time is short, but Jesus will always LOVE YOU.
    You are so very special to Him. Please return to Him while there is still daylight. The Bibles will be taken from every home in January 2021, so please study and read up while 2020 still exists.

    Jesus LOVES you so much, you guys. He would wish it very much for you to come back to Him. There is never a moment in the day, that He does not think of you.
    Everything you need, He provides for you with such care and precision because He created you as His beloved child. 🤗
    If you even want to draw closer to Him, a very great place to start is the YouTube channel “Liebesbriefe von Jesus/Love letters from Jesus to sister Claire”
    They have excellent and loving videos in English and Germans, as well as excellent translations in dozens of other widely-spoken languages.

    God bless you!
    Have a wonderful day! 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂https://youtu.be/qp4BiFXthYs


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