Bangladesh: Responding to COVID-19 in the world’s largest refugee camp


To prevent a widespread outbreak of COVID-19 among vulnerable Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, the World Health Organization (WHO) is boosting disease surveillance and testing, helping set up treatment facilities and engaging with the community so that camp residents know how to protect themselves and their families.


  1. Every deases have a cure except the death and corona virus determine human situation
    Corona virus determine human condition
    Corona virus determine the level of human life so is importan to follow prosedur as a Rule of life in corona virus spared Also importan to follow prosedur law of life in corona virus spared

  2. Why is it that the W.H.O. Won’t be honest on what a third of the world already Knows to be absolutely true about this so called CVD-19?

    Mask don’t help or work & may be worse for most!

    Of all the CVD-19 related deaths, 6% of that is Actually CVD-19 Only, & 90% of that # is elderly

    With TB effecting 10 million & killing 1.5 million per year along with hundreds more way deadlier viruses,,,why not even a warning to wash our hands over any of these?

    Why can’t Doctors differentiate between CVD-19 & the common cold?

    Why does my 1989 medical book describe Coronavirus as Common Cold?

    To date, this virus has NOT been isolated. How do you make a vaccine for a virus that Has Not been Isolated??

    Why is the head of W.H.O. NOT a doctor and what’s he doing cross dressing in woman’s cloths??

    When will you clowns ever answer ANY of my questions??

  3. I really wish these W.H.O. Criminals would get locked up behind bars already!! Many are growing in number to your lies & recognizing the truth.
    How or Why is it, the head of W.H.O. Is NOT a doctor & far from that? But we all know he’s likes his alcohol & cross dressing after work!?


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