Building the Movement: America’s Youth Celebrate 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage


Washington, DC


  1. MelaniaTrump is the most inspiring and elegant First Lady ever. She’s a wonderful muse for POTUS and an example for All citizens and Nations (All over the world).
    Donald and Melania Trump represent today the face and the back of the same hand extended towards the weakest people in this world.

  2. प्रणाम किया करता हूं आदरणीय मामले आपको

  3. Melania epitomizes femininity. She is elegant, compassionate, strong, and beautiful inside and out. We are the luckiest country in the world to have this First Family working tirelessly for all Americans. God bless our great country, and God bless our First Family!

  4. To run my paradise God bless Trump,Real Captain America ~Trump Captain World ~Trump,God bless Trump,World prosperity!👍👍👍❤❤❤Trump lovely❤❤❤2020 love you love you❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏⛪⛪⛪

  5. I saw comments below, MT is a blessing, another replied nasty & skanky. Here’s my take on that: Waoh! Blessed! Nasty, Skanky, can’t speak english, naked, gold digger etc? Is it because she is a foreigner? If she was an American Born Model will she be treated this way? If you have issues with Trump, focus on him only, STOP attacking MT and his children. I am a foreigner like MT, all haters in America are also racist, if the left want to see things that way. What has she done wrong to America? Are other models treated this way? This woman is well brought up, mannered, respectful, calm, quiet not loud, strong, bold, independent, beautiful inside out, love your children, mothers, America etc. what is your problem? I wonder why women from other countries in America are not rising up to fight against such hate and racism. I bet you, they will do same to you if you are silent at this time. I am speaking out, loud and clear, Leave MT Alone, attack your own loud mouth women – MO, HRC, LB, NP, OW, MM, AOC, KH, MW, Media etc. #IGWTrust!

  6. WARNING! We can live in the present, but the past remains, it is not possible to go back. For this reason: “WARNING” If President Donald Trump were to lose the election, the whole world would lose. Humanity would become a slave to the new world order. It is for this reason that President Donald Trump is blocked by social media and all world newspapers and TVs, all against him. When a totalitarian regime blocks social media, newspapers and TV, it means that it fears what is said. This is the principle of freedom and democracy, freedom of thought and speech. They are trying in every way to block the President. Are you sure that the truth is on the other side? World order project: – Create the revolution in the United States to destroy them – Decrease the world population by at least one third – Close companies to remove jobs and create a unique world production, automating it to the maximum, in order to make the operation of the null man – Countries that rebel or strategic, destroy them with wars and chaos – Vaccinate the world population by continuously creating new viruses – Bring man’s life to the maximum from 55 to 60 years – Prevent with terror before and with force afterwards, sociability obliging some not to leave the house and for others to turn with the mask with distances thus blocking any communication of groups dangerous for the regime – Eliminate cash by giving absolute power to the governed than with a click in the world system to enter non-existent money at will – Enter in the body of every single man, a micro-chip able to control everyone in the least particular. There will be scary numbers, disappearances of children and adults to use them as guinea pigs or to physically eliminate them. There would be other things but I stop since all this, IT HAS ALREADY STARTED! Look around you and observe the world reality, for a moment do not be influenced by the UNIQUE propaganda. Just focus on the FACTS that are happening! Not the United States of America but the whole world believe it or not, it depends on the American vote for President Donald Trump. IT IS NOT PROPAGANDA BUT REALITY.

  7. I would like to express my sincere thanks to President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, U.S. soldiers and American people.

  8. By Anthony J Gould’s
    eloquent response to Doug Butler, Absolutely! Our First Lady is a true Patriot
    and a wonderful example of how to become a legal and productive USA citizen;
    she is intelligent, articulate, generous and God Loving to name a few of her
    many attributes. And, English is not even her First Language of the five she
    speaks!! It was really nice to see her be so thankful to our Country, show her love
    of Children and to find out all she is doing for the Children of the world. The
    media has been so unkind to her when they aren’t just plain ignoring her.
    Mainstream should be so ashamed as she was just gracious to them when she asked
    that they try to work with us in helping to MAGA and to keep on Making America
    Great. It was heartwarming and sweet to see how President Trump and she look so
    lovingly at each other. She is charming, kind and hardworking and the Best
    First Lady we have ever had❣️ Janice Gould 🇺🇸TRUMP 2020!!🇺🇸

  9. This is the USA that I always thought have to be. I cried looking at this , may God bless you First Lady, and hope all around the world people see this without negative comments about the virus , but with hope to the future, trying to see the difference when the pope spoke to an empty Saint Peter’s Square and this incredible person that in front of children act as a normal person, without make them feel embarrassed ( even if it’s a virus around us). How she treated this children’s in this conditions when everyone seems to have paranoia , give me hope for the future. Being a mom and not so ,she understood the impact of rejection can have on a child.It was really touching.❤️

  10. Why did the band play God Save the Queen from 10.20 to 12.20. When the Queen was still in the UK and nor present ?? Or does Mrs Trump now think she is a Queen ????

  11. In light of her urging people to wear masks [{] We see here— besides a glimpse of a couple of smart, PATRIOTIC members of armed forces— NOT ONE person of this gathering is wearing a MASK. The First Lady shook hands and also hugged these school-aged children. What a fine example Melania set: this great country with so much freedom, the freedom to not care about others, only one’s self. I am ashamed to live in a country that is at this time NOT UNITED States. Disgraceful dynasty.

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    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🗽TRUTH MATTER🗽❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. I am from Indonesian Christian, I ask you how you can win again as president for the second time. I hope is that if you win again, fully support the nation of Israel according to the prophecy of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you…

  14. Fact checking Pence’s speech.
    Thou shall not suggest false witness against the neighbor, is not a commandment according to Pence.

    Fool me once, shame on you. …

    Join: ProSe Party
    To protect and enhance the rights of the U.S. citizen.

    My name is Cecil James Roth. I am not voting for Trump because of all the lies he has said, the improper things he has done, the things he failed to do, the laws and rules he has ignored, the promises not kept, the government employees he has dismissed for doing their job correctly, and because he does not care about the concerns of the common citizen. Trump only cares about his own interests and friends that can help him.

    Be part of the solution,
    Not part of the problem.
    Help vote out Trump – Copy and Share.

  15. Bravo beautiful FLOTUS Melania we love you ! Pure class beauty kindness generosity and smarts !👏👏👏💕🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✝️🙏✝️

  16. so proud and honored to have you representing our country as First Lady! God bless you and all that you do. ✌️❤️🇺🇸

  17. اسمعوا و افهموا
    الله الخالق صانع الدنيا صانع السموات و الارض 🌏🌍🌟🌙🌙🌟🌕🚀🚀🌕🌏🌍🌙🌟🎌🚀🚀
    فيها معيشة الناس و الشعوب🌍🌏🍎🍔🚀🌏🌍🍎🍔🚀🌍🍔🚀🌎🍐🍎🍔🌏⭕🌏🍐🍎🍔⭕🍔⭕
    فيها الاسلام عبادة الله
    الله يهدي ما خلق و الله يسهل على كل شعب من الشعوب 🌍🌏🌙🌟🎌⭕
    الله يسهل على كل واحدين
    المشاورات و الصافات و الحدود الاسلامية الحق🌏🌎🎌🍐🍎🍔⭕🎌🎌☯️☯️☯️☯️🌎🌏🍐🍎🍔⭕♻️☯️♻️☯️🌕🚀🌍🚀🌏🌎🎌🎌🎌🎌
    فيها ما فيها؟!؟!.
    مفهوم الدروس؟!؟!!!!؟!؟!!?!?!

  18. God Bless You for a Wonderful Event! It was So inspiring! Thank You First Lady Melania! Trump 2020!❤️🤍💙‼️🇺🇸

  19. God Bless you Fist Lady Melania Trump, May God continue to grant you strength, and may He guide you in all that you do for our country. America strong 💪🏻 Trump 2020

  20. So kind First Lady Melania Trump American children are are respected again under President Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️👍


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