Certification of wild poliovirus eradication in the African Region


“Today is a day of celebration, and a day of hope.
Today we come together to rejoice over an historic public health success – the certification of wild poliovirus eradication in the African Region.”- Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus”

Great news 👏: after 4 years without a case, World Health Organization African Region was been certified as wild polio-free on 25 August 2020.

With this historic milestone, 5 of the 6 WHO regions – representing over 90% of the world’s population – are now free of the wild poliovirus.

Learn more: https://africakicksoutwildpolio.com


  1. This is a lie. Almost all of the polio cases Africans have gotten have been caused by the vaccine itself. Senator Robert Kennedy fromChildrens Health Defense has proved this and also shown the true cause of Polio is not a virus. WHO is propaganda for pharmaceutical companies that sell dangerous vaccines! We won’t be taking your Bill Gates funded trash or consenting to your population control plans for the Covid 19 vaccine

  2. Remember polio? Recall how we helped during a time when it was almost gone anyways! Remember how we publicized the few that had it to make it feel like 1 out of 100 could get it if not for us! Remember we are hero’s for saving you! It’s like a pathetic Battle Cry! “Remember Polio”? We won’t let you forget, that we promise!

    Yeah Right. Another myth put on the world. Why is it my parents or grand parents (born between 1910-1940) never ever heard of this but by the WHO.

    Here’s your cure for CVD19! Simply Shut Up about it? Then it will easily go away.

  3. goodbie poliovirus and don’t come back

    1977/1980 Smallpox eradicated
    2010/2011 Rinderpest has eradicated
    2020 Polio has eradicated

    what disease is next?

  4. 🐻 Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavanthu 🌿
    🐻 Sabbe Satta Bhavanthu Sukhitatta 🌿🌿
    🐻 May all Beings be Happy ❤️💕💞💕💗 പ്പെട്ടത് 🌎🌏🌍 റ്റഗ്ഗംഡ്യൂഗ്ഗം 🐻 🌱🥥🌱🍊🌱🥑🌱🍇 Be Vegan 🌱🍎🌱 റ്റഗ്ഗംഡ്യൂ 🐻

  5. Polio and any other viruses simply don’t exist, they cannot be spread or caught. All this made up history of so called infectious disease, is just cover up for all the poisoning, malnutrition and ill treatment they have inflicted on humanity . Wake up


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