Colorado counties under Level Red COVID-19 restrictions move to Level Orange Monday


Starting this Monday, counties in Level Red on the state’s COVID-19 dial can move to Level Orange. Gov. Jared Polis made the request Wednesday following about two weeks of declining numbers and a ICU capacity lowering to 73%.


  1. Fucking Rainbow political shit.
    They will ALL close in another year or two.

    Because you brainwashed fuckstains bowed. lol I still haven’t worn a mask, lost my job because of it. Fuck you, your all gonna be homeless soon.

  2. Wrong news! 25% capacity or a certain number which ever number is fewer. For some its 25% capacity or 25 customers which ever is fewer. For others its 25% capacity or 50 customers which ever is fewer. So why do you keep saying 25% capacity cause thats not the truth.

  3. It’s bad enough to have your capacity RE DUCED by 75% but then add the impact of an increased minimum wage for January in CO and you might as WELL put a fork in it: The RE STAR AUNT industry is dead thanks to idiocy like this.


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