Colorado Gov. Polis calls special legislative session for COVID-19 relief measures


Gov. Jared Polis is calling a special legislative session to address relief measures for those impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as cases continue to grow across Colorado and some businesses face further restrictions in the coming weeks, the governor announced Tuesday.


  1. Okay Polis this I approve of because you guys did fuck over so many with these useless measures, still wouldn’t need it if we reacted through thinking a biti instead of a knee jerk reaction to a virus t hat has such a high recovery rate.

  2. Okay I’ll bite… shut down businesses …. this means protestors will bogey shut down too ….right?? Wake up you stupid fucking state

  3. The best stimulus is reopening the economy.

    Fuhrer Polyp needs to be removed from office via the ballot box. Two more years of that turd running the state into the ground is nauseating.

  4. How about the survival rate be talked about instead of scaring the crap out of people. He still isn’t wearing a mask, selfish bastard. Isn’t that what he called people?! If he can’t do his job, he needs to step down.


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