Colorado officials discuss how COVID-19 vaccine will be rolled out once available


Gov. Jared Polis at Colorado’s top public health officials said Friday they will submit their COVID-19 vaccine plan to the Centers for Disease Control later in the day. They discussed how the rollout will work in Colorado.


  1. I will not take a vaccine, period.
    None of these “health officials” ever taught the public to take high doses of Vitamin C, D3, or regular amounts of Zinc and Colloidal Silver, which would have reduced the risk and reduced the spread of infections.

  2. Cases going up…but yet there’s been a mask mandate for many months now proving that they DO NOT prevent you from getting coronavirus!!!

  3. Where is the govrernor’s mask.Don”t get together….you might decide to sign the recall Polis petition….he is power greedy..he needn’t worry..I WILL have Thanksgiving with my family

  4. Well maybe polis should explain to the people why he just had a meeting discussing how to implement yet ANOTHER lock down!


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