Colorado officials say they are seeing increasing COVID-19 cases at colleges, universities


Colorado Gov. Jared Polis and State Epidemiologist Dr. Rachel Herlihy presented data showing an increase of coronavirus cases among college-aged students in the first couple of weeks of September.


  1. More far left BS from Polis, he’s on a power trip and will say or do anything to tighten control over Coloradans. The CDC states on their website that 90% of covid tests give false positives, Polis is a proven liar.

  2. Keep Colorado in FEAR, because the data is BS, but oh emperor polis we must live in fear! FEAR we will get it FEAR we can’t go out anywhere, FEAR our college kids will get it and make us sick, FEAR FEAR FEAR—. This is Not what America is about, this is not what Colorado used to be. There is a new recall polis petition needs 630k signatures in 60 days please go and find out where you can sign it. Make Colorado good again, not too hopeful for great but good is good enough for now.


  3. 6:10 – when this began back in March the core mission of the social distancing measures was to flatten the curve and prevent the hospital system from being overwhelmed. That mission has long since been accomplished, yet Polis continues to try fear mongering us into thinking we’re all going to die. Enough is enough of this clown.


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