Ahead of the April 26 scheduled expiration of the statewide stay-at-home order, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis and state epidemiologist Dr. Rachel Herlihy outlined what life in Colorado might look like as soon as next week.
Polis, speaking from the Governor’s Mansion in Denver, said that the state isn’t able to test enough — and investigate confirmed positive cases — to relax social distancing very much yet.
We cant lose sight of the fact that our job isnt finished, your job isnt finished, not by a long shot, Polis said, as he outlined new rules for businesses that would maintain levels of social distancing that are much higher than normal, but that are greatly relaxed from the way the state has operated for nearly a month.
Herlihy said that to move forward without exceeding the states hospital capacity, Colorado needs to maintain social distancing, encourage elderly Coloradans to exercise further caution, people need to wear masks in public, and the state will need to pursue aggressive case detection and containment.
Eagle County is the first county that has really gotten its act together, Polis said, adding that the county, which was one of Colorados early hot spots, gives a sense of where the state is going.
He said that some of the earliest cases tended to be well-known people in their communities — that people who were likely to get it soonest were people whod interacted with the largest number of people — and that Eagle County had been hit hard early on but had done a good job of being aggressive to fight the spread of the virus.
Earlier on Monday, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said that Denver could extend its stay-home order past its current expiration date of April 30, but that the reopening of the city’s economy could come in phases before the city reaches its ideal coronavirus testing levels.
The Mesa County letter comes with a plan that starts with restrictions on gatherings of more than 10 people, and includes six-foot physical distancing, returning to work in phases, encouraging the public to wear masks to enter retail businesses and other guidance.


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