COVID-19 – we must act together


“We’ve entered a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, where solidarity is needed like never before. We’re in a race to prevent infections, bring cases down, protect health systems and save lives while rolling out highly effective and safe vaccines to high-risk populations. If we act together we can get ahead of the virus while also limiting the opportunity for it to mutate further and stretch our health capacities even more. Morally, economically, socially and for global security, we must act together right now” WHO Director-General Dr Tedros


  1. “We must act together” ….. please do… WHO should show the way … First find the source of the Virus so that we can prevent another pandemic.

  2. If The Truth has been released sooner Maybe this could of been more Controlled. Instead keeping it quiet has cost life’s. They also should be held Accountable

  3. Good marketing campaign for the vaccins. This organization needs to be destroyed before it is destroying humanity.


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