Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Message for Flu Season



  1. I’ve been so done with listening to these experts for so long now.
    I don’t know what they did that was so special to get them in front of the cameras but they have taken everyone on a yo- yo trip since they’ve been there.
    I’m believing that more people would have survived had they not been so hellbent on intubating and ventilating everyone who was suspected of having the virus.
    Their big yell about antibiotics doesn’t work on viruses was so bassakward
    to even bring up considering that they work on controlling the associated conditions that the virus created, such as a sinus infection before it became a chest or lung infection.
    I’m wondering how many of the deaths that occurred wouldn’t have had they broken down the associated conditions and treated them each separately as if they were standalone conditions.
    For instance, treating the distressed breathing with a shot of or a regimen of prednisone.
    They were panicked about it and were making off the cuff decisions that should have been tested as they applied them.
    I don’t claim to be a doctor but it seems when the first announcement was the test for the virus isn’t accurate and may test positive on people who don’t have it and may test negative on people who do have it.
    When I was in the nursing home, I had it. It was already affecting others before the announcement and lockdown.
    They tested me 3 times and said that the results were negative. Yet I had clear cut symptoms that you couldn’t miss. No one was sent to the hospital .we were quarantined to our rooms and not too long after everyone was quarantined to their rooms.
    I was the only one whose room was off limits to everyone except I nurse. She had to wear full gear before she could enter.
    I was also the only one who was on oxygen and steroids as well as other breathing treatments before I was infected.
    That was in feb. By the end of April I was over it, had survived it and recovered and I still have flare ups that get me put back on prednisone.
    This guy has had his ego stroked by all of the attention. Well be happy with what you received in the spotlight Mr.
    The Democrats may still want you there but they aren’t in charge of your department. My President is.
    When Obama was elected, no one asked me how I felt about it and I didn’t push a negative view of him around nor did I make any petty statements about he’s not my President.
    My favorite President is in office right now.
    Once he finishes his tenure as President , whether it be for 4 years or 8 , he’ll then be my favorite former President.
    However, Mr. Fauci- He is your boss. Rather than allowing the ego stroking go on that those who are against him are pouring out on you , why not realize that it’s because of their manipulation and doing everything that they can to keep him from accomplishing anything that you are being used as a weapon to help with that.
    Are you really that easily duped?
    I watched a news video tonight where an interviewer is trying to put a wedge between Barr and the President. I believe that man is too smart to fall for it.
    If you enjoy what they are doing because it proves to you that you are that important then ask yourself this: you have been in your position for how many years and through how many administrations…where was all of that attention before President Trump?

  2. I am tired of hearing FEAR PORN FAUCI !!
    He flip flops on things so much THERE IS NO SCIENCE in his GUESSING & Pandering to The RADICAL LEFT DEMOCRATS!!

  3. So many schizophrenics in the comments. Grow up you loons. Don’t take the shot, just stop spreading lies. It is sad how paranoid you are from shots.

  4. Dr. Fauci exercising his freedom to not wear his mask while speaking. Imagine if we had a picnic and not wore our mask so we could talk this freely. But of our rights are blatantly being stripped away from us with each passing day…


  6. Dear White House, we are sick of this liar. While we support President Trump, we don’t want our tax $ wasted on this shill & propaganda.

  7. I have NEVER had the flu vaccine. My father got the flu vaccine and still died from complications due to the flu and medical Dr/hospital incompetence. A vaccine is not the end all and be all. To ALL of you Medical Dr’s out there…You are only “Practicing” medicine and you are NOT ALL knowing and ALL seeing. ALL of you make mistakes in your diagnosis of anything. The best of you at Mayo clinic made a major error in their diagnosis of my partial Jefferson fracture, I was correct in my own analysis of my MRI and not even the best at Mayo read it properly. I am just a Dr. of Physics and Engineering, but even I can read and analyze an MRI, it is not that hard. This is a new virus and many of you are guessing in your analysis, it might be educated guessing, but still guessing. The models you genius’s originally created were TOTALLY wrong, but yet you opined with misinformation which scared the under-educated. Once we get enough treatments and this New China virus can be treated as well as the flu, then hopefully people will realize….it’s just another virus and we can continue life as normal. You people wanting to shut down everything are the problem. We must persevere and move forward as strong humans, not weak ones. Nature can throw us some curve balls now and then, but we always persevere. Stop being scared of your shadows and come out into the light of living life. I speak as someone whom has had the China virus, move forward without fear. You also need to be smart about where you travel, like to China for example. China has had a lot of virus’s. Wear a mask when traveling to many overpopulated countries/regions, they may be cesspools.

  8. Twitter is such a piece of garbage I get suspended on my first tweet. I’m a black journalist with a press card.
    What’s really going on?

  9. We’re throwing little candy bars at kids from 6 feet away! They best not cry. Little demons must go collect dirty candy from people that can’t afford to buy it because of Fauci! He will be hanging in my tree with the Scarf and others.

  10. Stop giving this guy a platform. Dr. Atlas is clearly more honest and qualified. Fauci’s a snake oil salesman. Saying he doesn’t get political, what a crock of it.

  11. Jesus you guys slagging him off are idiots it’s your president you should be angry at. He’s the reason your country has descended into a mess in four years. The whole world sees you as a joke rn. America you can do better and take care of each other rather than polarising your own country.

  12. This comment section is proof that Trump endorses a divided America plagued by misinformation. Y’all some real dumbasses, y’all know that?

  13. Why do we have to listen and take for absolute truth everything this SHILL says? This is ridiculous! Why don’t we have a panel of experts instead of this seule individual that is considered like a God of Truth?? He says one thing one day and next the opposite of what he said the day before.

  14. The fact that so many right-wingers are downvoting and complaining about this non-partisan, purely scientific video saying things that should be wholly uncontroversial is proof that the United States is f***ed. Vaccines aren’t some new Communist takeover plot. They’ve been used to save lives for literally hundreds of years, and this man, Dr. Fauci, is just trying to appeal to everyone to take the flu shot so that the flu doesn’t make the country’s COVID-19 handling (which is already the worst in the entire world and will only get worse from here) even worse, and to wear masks and wash your hands to limit the spread of both flu and COVID-19.

    Anyone who hears this message and calls this man a “shill”, demands that he “be removed”, needs to “go away”, or shouts “lock him up” should be ashamed of themselves. If you are saying things like this, you are part of the problem. You are a part of the reason the United States is handling COVID-19 more poorly than _Brazil_ of all places, and has had more deaths from COVID-19 than the two largest countries in the world _combined._ Keep chanting about how America is so great, but nearly the entire world has banned travel from this country because it is literally the worst in the world by a massive margin.

  15. Dr. Fakely please do not spread false news like COVID-19 scaring the people. Enough is enough. We all are already used with yearly flu shots🤓😳☺️

  16. Hes just pushing another vaccine! The flu vaccine isn’t event that effective and my sibling was be hospitalized qfter a flu shot, so no thank you I have an immune system…

  17. There are already running lawsuits against German virorologist and inventor of PCR Test in the US. Corona-Virus is no a fake pandemic.
    Here is a video from German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kr04gHbP5MQ
    For everyone, who wants to get in contact with this lawyers – this is the official website of him: https://www.corona-schadensersatzklage.de/ It is in german but can translate using Google translate and this is his address:
    Marcel Templin
    Kreuzbergstraße 72,
    D-10965 Berlin.
    Hope this helps. Cheers!


  19. Personally I could care less about your so called knowledge. Your constant flipping, the American people are not ignorant we’ve figured you out. In my mind you are more dangerous than the flu. Please stop talking!!!!

  20. This whole “pandemic” is just the biggest scandal the world has ever seen. This world is standing upside down right now, it’s hard bear for those, who are not totally insane already.

  21. Very conflicted man. See checkout whom his wife is, his connections with Gilead Pharm., eugenicists Mr and Mrs Wm Gates, and globalist marxist and nazi collaborator George Soros.

  22. faucci faucci he’s our guy if he says do it they will sure try
    fauci fauci hee’s our man destroying our lives however he can
    fauci fauci he’s our pal he won’t let you see your gal
    faucci faucci he’s our guy, he won’t be happy till we all die.

  23. Wow. I only clicked on the current White House channel because I saw Dr Fauci and with a quick scan of the comments shows mostly people trolling him. You guys are nuts. The only trusted voice in the administration and you’re trying to tear him down? And yet the Trump campaign wants to have it both ways and use his credibility for their reelection attempts, cutting and splicing interviews to make it look like he was praising Trump personally when he was praising the whole coronavirus task force. So weird.

    But thank you, Dr Fauci. You do your best and most people appreciate that.

  24. Shut up and go away you should be in jail on talking nonsese for last 8 months liying to faces killed innocent people no one believes a word you say…you have interests in vaccines companies and no one will take your vaccine since you were not able to find one for 60 years u should be ashamed of yourself and i hope u will pay the price for the mayhem you and cdc have caused!!!

  25. MR. FAUCI ~ Throughout the last 10 months, YOU Have lied so much that you are crying wolf , just last March you said NOT to wear a mask, then later as politics cranked up, you came out saying “wear a mask” ~ buuut let’s not keep gaslighting the people, as your line Your pockets with lots and lots of money 💴!

  26. Get the goddam vaccine. The flu is really awful and most people are fortunate enough every year not to get it. Trust me a little jab in the arm is much better than difficulty breathing, severe muscle pains, fever like you can never believe! Vaccines are why mumps and polio aren’t a thing anymore. Get real folks!

  27. I know that your bought and paid for, its so obvious.
    Drop the act and be honest, think about what your actually doing.
    Choose the people’s side instead of the money.
    You will feel much better and become a real hero, you’ll see.
    Unless you like living in a fake world full of lies, then just keep going.


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