Dr Mike Ryan & Dr Maria Van Kerkhove on mink-related strain of the COVID-19 virus in Denmark


Denmark has announced that several people have been infected with a mink-related strain of the COVID-19 virus. WHO is working with the Danish authorities on research and control efforts.

It is normal for viruses to mutate or change over time. But each time a virus goes from humans to animals and back to humans, it can change more. That’s why these reports are concerning.

Scientists have not yet noted changes to the mink-related strain of the COVID-19 virus identified in Denmark that affect transmissibility, disease severity or reinfection in people. But further evidence is needed.

Major variations to the virus might impact on vaccines, therapeutics and treatments. Since the start of the pandemic, WHO has worked with researchers, evolutionary virologists, sequencing teams, and synthetic biologists to track genetic changes in the #COVID19 virus.

Watch the entire press conference of the 6th November 2020 here: https://youtu.be/AGviviGF-p0


  1. I wonder if its a sign of something more earthly, maybe they are sick because their lands were diminishing, maybe we should rebuild ecosystems for a bit instead of building more and more and more and more and more things for humans. How boring would a planet be with only us…i think it’s not even possible for that kinda fantasy human only world to ever be.

  2. Now I am wondering if this happened in previous plagues that returned in waves. That humans gave it to some other mammal where it cooked to come back on us again.

  3. And we do not like (WHO) here in Denmark, but the coverment forces us all to hear all this shit for one year now, we want to vote if we want WHO or not!!!!!

  4. For goodness sake this is to do with not looking after animals very well because that costs more money. Cram um in to tiny cages where there peeing and poohing on each other.even if they are breading them for fur coats give them a healthy clean life for the time they have,same with wet markets and these so called super farms. This is what is starting these viruses ,watch bbc horizon series on caronavirus.xx

  5. As a person from the Netherlands i continiously saw mink farms getting covid, to then shutdown the farm and cull the minks. This was ongoing for 3-4 months now already, and many called this a ticking timebomb before a mutation would take place. Just WHY is the WHO so damm passive on these matters? Its ridiculous they are stating they are aware of the risk involved dealing with these mammals, yet any direct recommendations/warnings were given. I am having a deja vu from mid-feb.

  6. doing the proper studies means nothing if you say there is no danger from the get go and let people from denemark that may or may not have the new mutation spreading it to other countries …
    i mean the first thing one with a functionable brain would do is to stop any movement from denemark to other countries …which is clearly not the case
    if this mutation is not responsive to the vaccine that will be coming out , you have basically judged this planet to another 3-4 waves of covid 19* mink flavor ..

    after seeing how your organisation actions in china when this all started ..
    i can state quite confidently that the W.H.O are as useless as a shit flavored lollipop

  7. World Health Organisation: Please call for an end to live-animal markets (wet markets). The animals are kept in very cruel and unhygienic conditions: stacked up in small cages with blood, pus and faeces flowing between.
    As well as factory farming often farming in general being unethical and inhumane, live-animal markets are breeding grounds for diseases that can spread between animals, or from animals to humans, such as COVID-19, SARS and MERS.

  8. Supposedly, there have been around 240,729 deaths in the United States this year from covid-19.
    That means that approximately
    .07% of the United States population has died.
    That also means that 99.93% of Americans did NOT die from covid-19.
    Just some food for thought.

  9. These people are evil. They are actively destroying the food supply under a “health crisis” that most survive from. Reject these psychopaths.

  10. Just so we understand this properly, we have not even started with the second wave of the original covid19, and now we are potentially looking at another pandemic of this new mutation?!?

    Not to be a bloody alarmists, but what about other potential mutation with other species of animals like, chickens, cats, camels, horses, pigs, etc??? I get it, this mutation is from virus jumping from humans to minks, and then back to humans. What if the same thing happened with other animals??? Do we now have a super cocktail of COVID??

  11. While the US Democrats and Republicans are so worried about Corona virus here and our people, flights from Denmark are arriving in Newark and Chicago. IOW, they don’t give a shit about the American people beyond getting our freaking vote, disgusting.


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