Dr Tedros message on the occasion of the First International Day of Clean Air for blue skies


“Now is the time to rethink how we organize our societies, our cities, our transportation, and how we cook and heat our homes.

As we stand at this pivotal crossroads, let’s make the choice for clean air and blue skies.”


  1. Solution: GIVE everyone who wants it 1 hectare of land for lifetime use, with the right of inheritance, on which to build their family homestead. Any produce from the land can be sold TAX FREE. In this way, families produce and exchange higher quality food and goods locally, with very low carbon emissions. The families are happier and healthier and soil quality and bio diversity improves everywhere. Sorted. 👍💚

  2. You are the one of the main reasons covid has spread go and live in China since you love them so much, step down Tedros I hate your face and your voice and your incompetence

  3. Thank you very much for your work. I would like to see Latin American professionals working with you too. It’s the only continent which wasn’t named at the end of the video. Once again, thanks for your work and the clarity of your answers


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