Dr Tedros on the long lasting symptoms of COVID-19


“Listening to Paul Garner, Martha Sibanda and Lyth Hishmeh share their experiences and array of symptoms, it reinforces what a dangerous virus COVID-19 is. Governments must recognise the long-term effects of the virus and ensure access to health services for those patients.
Their stories reinforce how morally unconscionable and unfeasible the so called ‘natural herd immunity’ strategy is. Not only would it lead to millions more unnecessary deaths, it would also lead to a significant number of people facing a long road to full recovery.
Herd immunity is only possible with safe and effective vaccines that are distributed equitably around the world. Until we have a vaccine, governments and people must do all that they can to suppress transmission, which is the best way to prevent post-COVID long-term effects.”
– Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

watch the entire press conference of 30 October 2020 here: https://youtu.be/sXsPHgdt3so


  1. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY LAWSUIT – International team of lawyers launching lawsuit against WHO Director Tedros and other health officials for Covid 19 lock down excess deaths and financial destruction. Will be the largest lawsuit in the history of humanity.

  2. Don’t such long term effects only occur if you get Covid bad, i.e. if your body fought to adapt during a state of grave illness?

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  4. WHO should note down the lesson that approaches for the best student (China) can’t be applied to mediocre ones (western countries, India, Brazil…).

  5. W H O secret ww3 agent. It’s target is to end economicas and lead the world power to China. This is a flu it automatically heals the person so why W H O is scared of.

  6. I am working from home and saving lives of most vulnerable like hypertension, Diabetes, cancer, Aids patients etc etc.

    Actually I am now really well manage when I WFH,I don’t need to ride, I don’t need to burn fuel, I don’t need to do all the routines before I leave home like shower, compulsorily making food etc etc.

    I am really enjoying it!!! The WFH should remain forever!

  7. What is COVID-19? Bacteria, virus, something else?
    Why if you get the flu you have the same symptoms as every other who gets the flu, but all these people get “COVID” and they have different symptoms? The only thing I know that acts differently in everyone is Lyme disease, which is exactly what the first person sounded like he had. And I’m speaking from 20 years of experience with Lyme disease.
    But yeah, what is COIVD-19?


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