Dr Tedros talks about the concept of herd immunity


WHO Director-General Dr Terdros on the concept of herd immunity.

Herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from a virus, not by exposing them to it.

Herd immunity is not a scientifically or ethically justifiable strategy for responding to an outbreak, let alone #COVID19 pandemic. We must:
-Prevent amplifying events
-Protect the vulnerable
-Empower & educate communities
-Find, isolate, test & treat
-Trace & quarantine contacts

watch the entire press conference of 12OCT2020 here: https://youtu.be/w-0-AFfxrWE


  1. Herd immunity is FAKE NEWS. Humans don’t become automatically immune after catching something. People keep catching colds, flus, infections and more. We are not super humans. We are organic parts of nature and as such are ruled by the laws of nature, not fairytales, fantasies, and wishful thinking.

  2. Criminal & Civil Class Action lawsuit has been launched by Dr. of Law, Reiner Fuellmich and a team of international lawyers around against the WHO and specifically Tedros and WHO Officials in Germany/Canada/US for Crimes Against Humanity. The Lawsuit also encompasses Politicians who have Locked-down their countries instituting WHO measures resulting in Excess Deaths World wide due to WHO Covid 19 Lockdown Measures:

  3. Unbelievable! How come you still seat there and announce to people as representative of who? Shame on you! You are just 🐕 of China communist party.😠😠😠

  4. So now they’re just changing the definitions of concepts we’ve had as humans for a bare minimum of hundreds to even thousands of years.

  5. In Bangladesh, worlds most thickly populated country, people of slums are 74% antibody positive against SARS-COV-2 Virus without suffering from COVID-19. Do Bangladesh 🇧🇩 need further herd immunity? Why to apply highly expensive doubtful vaccines?
    We used Ivermectin for prophylaxis with other anti COVID-19 medicines, which worked when the west us searching for vaccines and going for high risk and highly expensive antivirals resulting budget shortage .

  6. Already, this virus has spread in 45 % of population of Bangladesh 🇧🇩, without any disease. IVERMECTIN is the drug which makes the difference, WHO is yet shy to recognise this drug. Why?

  7. There’s no vaccine for AIDS. That’s because the body cannot produce an antibody to fight AIDS. Thus there can be no herd or any immunity. Yet it’s not widespread. That was done through acts of prevention.

    There are people that have been reinfected with the coronavirus. Thus no immunity or very short term immunity. The second time is much worse. Like he says there are unknowns about the coronavirus. Only a fool would allow deliberate infection and abandon prevention. .

  8. Nobody is talking about letting run this virus freely among the whole population. But rather concentrating protection on those who fall in those high risk groups. Or people who THINK they are in one or more of those categories. But letting 8 year old children to wear masks just makes me sick! They think something is wrong with THEM! How can they truly find their place in our society later on? And living a happy life?

  9. 🇧🇩🇺🇳🇧🇩🇺🇳🇧🇩🇺🇳🤝

  10. While I personally support keeping exposure down until we have a vaccine, I think we should provide free injection infection for those who hold the opposite view (like most of the commenters here) on the condition that they self-isolate for 2 weeks. Herd immunity starts at home.


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