Elijah McClain: Body cam shows events that led to 23-year-old’s death | USA TODAY


Body cam video shows the night Elijah McClain was confronted by Aurora Police.
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Colorado Governor Jared Polis appointed state Attorney General Phil Weiser to investigate the death of Elijah McClain’s death, a 23-year-old Black man who died in police custody.

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  1. They should be in jail that was just wrong “I think we’re all good here we can rap up” are u kidding me the mans having a heart attack u dunce. This is murder to me. The guy wasn’t being violent and was unarmed yet they man handled him and then proceeded to kill him great job. If a detainee dies under their care they should be removed from the force at least without a chance of them getting back on the force. An investigation should be done and maybe jail time. A decrease in their pay could also teach them a lesson too. We have to hold people accountable I’m tired of seeing these officers get away with murder and it just being swept under the rug. It’s been going on for so long it’s seen as normal and that’s gotta change. God I want this planet to burn.

  2. Same old same old,
    1.Media puts out story
    2. You all fight amongst each other
    3. You all move on
    4. Repeat step 1
    You people are sheep

  3. These comments are crazy. The EMTs should not just be injecting people with no knowledge of the person’s system/situation. That is a problem. I’m sure many people have been affected in terrible ways through this practice. If its protocol who are we charging here? Cops tackled and restrained him after a struggle. There is tons of footage of this online. The cops didnt beat him to death. It looks like he had a panic attack and his reaction to the injection in conjunction with that caused him to have a heart attack. (Speculation, but most likely). Terrible situation. Not everything is: ThEsE CoPs R sO RaCIsTS! mURdeRERZ! They approached him and he became belligerent immediately. What would you have them do? Just leave? They need to follow up on 911 calls, even if just to confirm a non-threatening individual. This is no George Floyd.

  4. Clearly the cops did nothing wrong. They were called to investigate a man who was acting erratically. The man was immediately confrontational and resisted arrest violently. An ambulance was called. He had 2 heart attacks in care of paramedics. It was likely excitable delirium. He had a history of drug abuse (LSD meth etc) and was not a healthy person.

  5. young man said he had personal space issues! He explained to the cop! This is such a blatant example of walking while black. This young man was such a wonderful person. The cop made one assumption after another. They don’t hear the 911 call “I don’t know if he is doing anything wrong”, all this cop heard was his own bigoted assumptions. This is murder!


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