First Lady Melania Trump’s Message for National Preparedness Month




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    All Americans should know that the world is in a better place today because of President Trump ❤️

    The world is experiencing peace today because of Trump❤️

    American is not finished today because of Trump❤️

    Forget about what they are telling you and all their evil propaganda to make Trump loose election..

    At this point in time..if you allow them win,then forget about America… American will be gone and those of you talking about your American dream consider it killed.

    Vote Vote and vote Trump ❤️ come Nov.

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  2. last year steal michelle obama speech…i wonder whose speech she steal this time…not to mention she ask someone else to write the speech for her

  3. She’s a former model, of course she is pretty. But to be complicit with her husband’s BS makes her soul just as ugly as his. I used to feel sorry for her, but not any more. That whole family makes me sick. I can’t wait until they are out of the White House so we can work on healing and uniting our country again.

  4. I have such great respect for her and am in awe of her intelligence. I couldn’t think of a better person for my granddaughter to see as her inspiration. God bless you Mrs Trump and President Trump and your beautiful family.

  5. Where is this Plane full of Thugs or bad people Mr Present-Bent?! You wont give names, you wont give proof. Where is this plane of bad people Mr Present Bent?! Trump ALSO Denied Paying Stormy Daniels! Trump Lied because Trump Later Admitted to Paying Stormy Daniels to keep her quiet about Affair before Election!
    Amendment 25! Spreading Conspiracy Theories! MAD MAN! Amendment 25 as Trump put up Videos of an Doctor for Hydroxychloroquine = Doctor also had vids out for Demon Sperm! Trump is Insane! Amendment 25 Now! Of course Trump Denies it now that he disparaged the Military = THAT MUST be why Trump allowed Russia and Putin to place Bounties on American Military Lives! Why believe this Liar Trump Now?

  6. Thank You, First Lady, for this Crucial Video and for Your Leadership in getting us Prepared and Ready. Your Imperative Message is Timely and Timeless. God Bless You, Guide You, and Protect You and Your Whole Family. 🏆🏅

  7. d Please Pray Psalm 91 over our Pres Trump, VP Pence, you and your family. Here is a personalized copy for you to PRAY !!

  8. Now that Fox News (link below) has confirmed that Donald Trump said numerous times US servicemen and women who have served, been killed, or captured, defending the United States and Democracy all around the world – are “suckers and losers”, I wonder what Trump supporters think of their knight in shining armor now.

    Is it even possible to be a true American and still support a President who could care less whether or not our soldiers live or die?

    By the way, if Jennifer Griffin on Fox News is confirming the story – you know it must be true..

    Bottom line:
    If you still support this self admitted, lying piece of trailer trash – Donald Trump – who thinks dead or captured American war heroes are “suckers and losers” – then you should move to another country immediately – you’re not welcome here anymore.

    Seriously – pack your bags and get the fuck out..or stay, continue your support of this despicable parasite – and reinforce to the rest of America and the world what a lowlife scumbag piece of s*** hypocrite you really are..

    Then comes the pain.

    From Fox News:


  9. She could save my life right now. By flying over to minnesota. Showing up in a limo and letting me motor her beautiful rack.

    If she doesnt. It only shows that her level of caring for people has it strong short comings :3

  10. Melania you have a beautiful heart and soul. Thank you for being here with Donald. God bless you and your whole family.

  11. Thank you First Lady for addressing Preparedness Month of September. We are proud you represent America, you bring a radiance we love in everything you do

  12. Amen and Amen Thank you ever so much beautiful, classy F.L.O.T.U.S.Be prepared and not scared. Everyone keep praying everyday, it works, God answers our prayers when the time is right Peace We praise you Lord God Almighty creator of heaven and earth, father please forgive me for my sins help me be a better person. You didn’t save us so Satan can rule us and change our DNA and rape and eat the babies, please help us father. I pray for the lost people to come back to you. Pray for President Trump and family for their protection. Amen and Amen Jesus is king hallelujah

  13. The beast is dying but it is now at its final spasms that is the most dangerous. Stay prepared , safe and with your families American people. I hope after America the storm to arrive in Europe and the whole world. God bless us all.

  14. First the Civil War to get rid of the Traitors. Then the War to end all Wars. They can’t say it openly, but this is as much of a warning as we can get for now.

  15. The President is Guilty of MURDER of most of the 200, 000 dead from COVID-19.
    He lied to the American People.
    The death penalty is too good for him. He needs to SUFFER in jail.

  16. Dear First Lady Melania Trump! I’m writing to you from San Antonio Texas. I tried to reach the President but tought I will go through you.The judical system given a restraining order to a noncustodial father who never paid childsupport, lying under oath accusing the mother abondening the child , so he dosnt have to return her home after his visitation right,holding above the law his 5yr old girl who was concieved under faking love to the mother to become citizen. A Godless family with possessions but no love.The kind like u have we have that comes from God.The child is trapped and her asthma what started when the father had her had to rushed to ER where he had to be disciplined by guard not letting the mom see her child. He is motionally abusive to mom and child mad that his plan to become citizen didnt work.Now he is coming up with most ridiculous lies under oath to take full possession this little girl he never cared for . The child situation renewed in her the breathing problem she only had when with the father .The pharmacy called the mom about an inhaler was picked up a week her gr ma and me and my doughter are helplessly against this terrible judical system but praying our Rosary in hope for help for justice and for her ASAP RETURN HOME.CAN U HELP US? HELP HER? HERE IS HER PICTURE WITH MOMI IF I CAN DO IT HERE? I MIGHT NOT.MY GMAIL IS>>>
    God bless u and family peaterdully for the President


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