Gov. Jared Polis receives Colorado’s first shipment of COVID-19 vaccine


The first shipment of the vaccine arrived in Colorado on Monday morning.


  1. They don’t actually stop activities that are beyond even common sense, (30’kids from different schools gathering weekly, latest ones after thanksgiving to smear food all over each other in makeup-barber type chairs) shutting down businesses instead? (Yes, they knew, don’t care unless it takes a business away?) common sense?

  2. I can’t wait to see how they fuck up this roll out. Leave it to a Democrat to fuck up a wet dream. Btw, don’t get vaccinated. Don’t you remember a few months ago when your stunning and brave Democrat politicians said it’s not safe to use a vaccine that hasn’t been tested for years?

  3. Stop the buss! Covid-19 has not been isolated! This is per the cdc as of now! Something is very fishy about the rushed vaccine..

  4. Polis why you asking questions on the vaccine we have experts here that know how to handle that stuff. But it was good camera time showing us your fake side like you care. #PolisfailuretoColorado

  5. The truth is it has been more than a year and 99.98% of the world have NOT died from a “pandemic”. I like those odds. You wasted a year of our lives we will never get back, so go away. Take that mask and that vax and shove it.


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