Gov. Polis, Local Officials Encourage Voting and Emphasize Safety, Security of CO’s Elections System


Governor Jared Polis reiterated the importance of all Coloradans voting in the upcoming election and discussed the safety and security of Colorado’s gold standard elections system on Thursday, October 15, 2020.

The Governor was joined by Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera, Secretary of State Jena Griswold, Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman, Denver Clerk, and Recorder Paul Lopez, and Senator Julie Gonzales.

Press release:

(Video courtesy of KMGH)


  1. @Jared polis Voter fraud = jail.👮💥
    Watch for voter fraud, record it when you see it, report it and expose it.
    Busted for voter fraud last 4 months:

    Military mail in ballots found in trash.

    2 weeks ago ballot harvesting busted

    4 months ago: mail in voter fraud NJ. A former judge of, elections pleads guilty

    4 people charged with mail in voter fraud stuffing ballots

    Mail man pleads guilty, voter fraud exposed

    Democrat charged in voter fraud

    134 felony charges of voter fraud.

    Watch for:
    Bloated voter rolls
    Ballot Harvesting
    Voting by non citizens, the dead or even pets.

    Colorado Democrat Exec

  2. When they delay a flight at the airport they never just say 6 hours they say 20 minutes 20 minutes 40 minutes 25 minutes but they know it’s 6 hours the whole time. Just like masks you can’t get a straight answer

  3. And also like the airport they make you take off your shoes for 6 years then somebody says no. And then they drop the policy. That’s what masks will be in the end, unnecessary bullshit regulations enforced by the least medically knowledgeable people you can imagine. Far dumber than “old wives”

  4. Get out the vote! We don’t care who you vote for, but if you don’t vote, you may as well be voting for the evil dictator Donald Trump! But we don’t care who you vote for, we just want to encourage ignorant fools who otherwise wouldn’t vote to hit the polls. Don’t do any research, just vote Democrat. We love uneducated uninterested ignorant fools

    Edit – that is democratic, I’ll give you that, but aren’t you ashamed of courting the uninterested ignorant vote? And telling those broke people in the city that Democrats can help? Like Chicago? Detroit? Baltimore? I know you’re from Boulder man but look at the fucking evidence


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