Gov. Polis on state’s increase in COVID-19 cases and restaurant industry


Gov. Polis on state’s increase in COVID-19 cases and restaurant industry.


  1. Governor we have been washing hands and wearing mask and social distancing. The virus is coming back you need to figure out what to do with the hospitals the virus is not going away. We need to keep the most vulnerable at home and let the young people go on with living.

  2. Less than a 1000 views in a day…..time you realize we’re not buying what your selling. Gave you a few inches/benefit of the doubt early on but get the F#%* off it!!

  3. He is such a piece of shit. He needs to be recalled. Masks and social distancing doesn’t work. Put a sock in it were all sick of your shit!
    500 restaurants permanently shut down in this state. Not too mention all the other businesses.

  4. I have been saying it for months, the issue is quite simple. “Wrong mask governor”. If it’s not a N95 or PAPR, then it’s worthless against COVID. However, you lied to everyone in the hopes they would read just the title of your “here’s the science on why you MUST wear the mask”. Cloth masks don’t work, but that’s what you told everyone to wear. That’s like handing a soldier a pocket knife and saying “go invade Russia”. Sure, you might get a few of the enemy, but you won’t make it out alive.

    You promoted disinformation, and knowing put people in harms way. “Everything is fine, go back to life as normal. As long as you wear your CLOTH masks.”

    I’m an ICU nurse in the COVID ward. You think for a second if the hospital could justify the liability of us wearing JUST cloth masks, they would let us? Instead they are dropping thousands of dollars on the CORRECT equipment; N95s and PAPRs.

    Just cause I can change my own oil, doesn’t make me a mechanic. So here’s the thing gov. Just cause you can wash your hands and sneeze into your elbow, doesn’t mean you’re a doctor. Leave healthcare to the professionals….

    In Colorado:
    First case of COVID: March 5.
    Mask mandate: July 16
    Number of cases in that time: 38,726
    Days between: 133
    Average cases per day: 291
    Days from mandate to today (11/15): 122
    Total cases since mandate: 42,280
    Average per day post mandate: 347
    Average daily increase of cases post mandate: 56

    Why? I say again… WORNG MASK GOV.

  5. Why isn’t anybody saying anything about eating healthy supplement vitamins get exercise get fresh air . nothing is ever said anywhere about just being healthy it’s pathetic


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