Gov. Polis praises CHSAA announcement on new high school sports schedule


Gov. Jared Polis discussed where the state stands in terms of limiting COVID-19 cases and praised CHSAA for finding a way to include all high school sports this upcoming school year.


  1. In the scientific community you would expect to see footnotes explaining where these claims come from. You wont see this from that fat sack of shit, only lies and panic to gain more control and raise more fear.

  2. The Governor is talking to us like we are his children.
    He works for the people, he is a public officer who was elected by the people.
    Dumb people, but people none the less.
    He best watch his mouth.
    He is talking to law abiding citizens like we are children, while he allows the real millennial liberal children to go riot and do their BLM BS.
    But do not try to go anywhere that people gather like church, unless its a rioting church or protest against the police.
    Then you are good citizens in the corrupted mind of Polis.

  3. The best part about this comment section is that 7 out of the 20 comments are the same guy. You guys need to listen: You are incorrect. You are irresponsible and you acting like children. When you act like children you can’t help but see any sort of criticism as an attack from “the patriarchy”. Here, let me put it more simply. When you act like children you get treated like children. Grow up.

  4. You talk to about disappointment. How about in my two kids that get to go to school but can’t play sports this season? Would you like to come over and help me console them?

  5. Watch The Rocky Mountain Heist. This man needs to be arrested! It was supposed to last two weeks and this criminal is involved in locking down our lives and economy! It is time to physically remove him and the criminal Denver Mayor!!!!!

  6. Where is your mask, Mr Polis? I wear mine for 9 solid hours a day. It really interferes with my ability to communicate with the little ones I work with and given how often they touch the masks of teachers, it’s not protecting them or us. Just wondering why you aren’t wearing a mask….does it interfere with communication? Is it hard to breathe? Is it too hot? Yeah…

  7. stay home where a mask lose your job don’t open your business default on your mortgage default on your business destroy the family become homeless..
    this is the governor’s and the mayor’s orders and their agenda to destroy everything in your state then they’re going to get a reward and a free ride through the new world order they’re wrong!
    the media the cops lie Ana attack we have no law we have no order as the public even attacks you because they’re so disattached from reality..
    all for the common flu.
    their plan is to never reopen anything if you haven’t already noticed!


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