Governor Extends Stimulus Payment Executive Order


Gov. Jared Polis extended an executive order which gives the Colorado Department of Labor ability to make one-time case stimulus payments through the unemployment insurance system.


  1. Call your representatives at 202,2243121 in the house and Senate and tell them to step up and ensure your vote counts. They need to challenge the electoral college as this election has obvious fraud and those states that violated state and federal laws as well as the United States Constitution need to know Americans will not tolerate it.. As the representative for the people they need to fix it now or we will never have a fair and legal election again. Don’t hesitate, let’s get this done. Call now leave a message. It’s easy.

  2. The America Republic will survive until politicians figure out they can bribe people with their own money.

    -Alexis de Tocqueville

  3. Once again only helping the people on unemployment. Yet the ones who are working and barley making ends meet still get shat on. Thanks Pollis👍🏼


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