Happy Meskel! Governor of Colorado Jared Polis. እንኳን ለብርሃነ መስቀሉ አደረሳችሁ!


እንኳን ለብርሃነ መስቀሉ አደረሳችሁ!

Meskel is an annual religious festival celebrated among Orthodox Christians in the Ethiopian and Eritrean communities on September 26/27.

The annual holiday celebrates the story of the discovery of the True Cross Jesus was crucified on when Queen Helena in the third century lit a fire and the smoke showed her where it was.

In the Middle Ages, half of the cross was given to Emperor Dawit of Ethiopia by the Patriarch of Alexandria in appreciation of the protection offered to Coptic Christians.

Since then Meskel Festival has been celebrated annually, bringing millions of people together to participate in traditional festivities and ceremonies like Demera (burning bone fires).


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