How to wear a fabric mask safely during COVID-19: the Do’s


How to wear a fabric mask safely during COVID-19: the Do’s

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  1. Bit late isn’t it? We have been doing this for 6 months, and you’re only now telling us how to do it correctly. First time I’ve ever heard wash your mask at LEAST once a day…

  2. These reminders remain relevant given that so many people have a “false sense of security” when they wear a fabric mask. It’s still important to make sure you are using masks correctly to make sure you are protecting yourself from breathing in droplets or spreading droplets that may have COVID19.

  3. I call upon immediate autopsies for past and recent Covid 19 deaths, then we can discuss the topic – PANDEMIC! Oh, wait a minute, didn’t they cremate the majority of the corpses afap. Well? wasn’t that a coincidence. Not!
    With a world population of 7.8 billion people with just 971,679 thousand GLOBAL Covid deaths, does not justify lockdowns, forced unemployment, poverty, suicides, millions of postponed life saving OP’s, because of scaremongering propaganda, etc, etc.

    People really need to ask themselves, amongst other things, why the world leaders have never ever forced global lockdowns for the flu?
    The flu causes 650,000 global deaths annually. Note: the flu season has already begun!


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