Join WHO in the We Are Family song and video campaign


WHO is teaming up with Kim Sledge, of the legendary band Sister Sledge, and the World We Want organization to launch the “We Are Family” song and video campaign to promote global solidarity in the face of COVID-19 and support the WHO Foundation. Watch this teaser, sing the song and share it on your favourite social media account and with us to go into a special compilation video for launch in December. Go to for more information.


  1. These people need to take the first dose of the vaccine, and then dose two, three and four. Until they are fully doped up, ready to go for the next “wave.”

  2. A aha ha ha ha ha, wait, aha ha ha ha ha ha haa, ahhh man, aha ha ha ha ah ah ha *Wipes tear from eye* Oh man, you guys kill me, and not with your vaccines I mean

  3. Condition of Bollywood is same as this song, Pathetic 😂.
    But the main difference is that this song is for motivation and not money making like Grumpy Bollywood😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  4. Pathetic, fits the useful idiots guidelines that communist leaders thru out history use when they are taking over and about to do some “cleaning.” The deception is so thick the masses are falling for it hook line and sinker. “The thing about history is.. we don’t learn from history.”
    World Economic Forum
    World Sickness Org
    Plus Agenda 21 = One World Government, One World Leader, One World Religion, One World Currency, One World Economy also known as the part of the Harlet System that is destroyed


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