Live discussion about the Mental Health Film Prize: “Knock on my Door”


« Knock on my Door » is a short film about the mental health consequences of war made by The Specialty Hospital in Jordan and it’s the Mental Health Film Prize winner of the inaugural Health for All Film Festival organized by the World Health Organization in 2020. It’s a fiction movie based on the real experience of health professionals. During the live discussion about this film between Devora Kestel, Director of WHO’s Department of Mental Health and Substance Use, and Dalia Srouji, Registered Nurse who is interpreting Sham in the winning film, a Syrian refugee affected by panic attacks, many aspects about mental health were covered, such as the care for people affected, the strategies to fight stigma, the disruption of specialized health care services due to the COVID pandemic.

More information about the Health for All Film Festival:


  1. Welcome 🤗 to A 🐰 Shock’s 😲 post 📯 🙇 on Mental Health Day 2020 Introspection with me myself and I…

  2. Our mental health would be much better if you wasn’t lying about an in-isolated so called virus called CVD-19 that isn’t even deadly, if real!!!

  3. Pre-existing conditions are “meant” even post traumatic stress, which is very hard. But today, Instagram values monetary approaches mostly… children especially, but big pharma is still way scary! Advocating could be the best way to spread a positive message. Racial inequality makes things hard today, but that’s okay, my mom used to work for nasa. Rocket science is too difficult… focus on school helps a lot.


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