Live from the First COVID-19 ACT-Accelerator Facilitation Council meeting



  1. Eternally great full to all the covid19 Warriors. Developed nations billion dollar corporates should join together to bring about a solution. Praying for all your safety in your endeavor and dedication towards humanity

  2. This sounds like a very promising initiative. It is true that unity and uniformity of effort are paramount for success. Suppressing the pandemic is only the beginning of the struggle however, while of course the primary global focus in current affairs, the pandemic is leaving in its wake a diverse series of severe repercussions. These have to be delt with to, which means that it is for the benefit of global survival to think of the whole. In times like this it is a false assumption to think that to look after ones own is all that is needed. Because you need food ,you need amenities and you need people you don’t know to have these things. Everyone safety effects everyone’s survival.

  3. WHO could stop using the words do “excellency” i think the words “Respected Presidents Prime Ministers, Chancellor, King or Queen or Prince or Princess or better still just – Respected Personalities” will be more appropriate.! Otherwise it reflects the mindset of inferiority towards the humanity. The heads and representatives of the countries could use there fancy designations in their own countries but at the UN and WHO must reconsider using these archiah designations prevailing in dictatorial human rights violating regimes in certain parts of the world. Hope to see change in this aspect from the Secretary General of the United Nations.

  4. Coronavirus: AstraZeneca vaccine trial participant developed neurological symptoms (Brain Damage), report says (Sept 9, 2020, according to STAT News.)

  5. Liars. you have destroyed the world’s economy and lives. WHO need to be under investigation, some of you will go to jail, truth will come out.

  6. I have a question for administration: Do your bathrooms include any designs with multiple toilets per room? If so, why is group oriented defecation and urination considered a normal appropriate bathroom design? Will you condemn the disgusting practice of “free world” multiple toilet bathroom design? If not, how can you conceivably operate as a public health organization while supporting bathrooms that contain more than one toilet, permitting synchronous urination and defecation… among strangers… even minors…?


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