Live Q&A on #COVID19 ACT-Accelerator and COVAX with @doctorsoumya and @mariangelasimao. #AskWHO


Live Q&A on #COVID19 ACT-Accelerator and COVAX with @doctorsoumya and @mariangelasimao. #AskWHO


  1. COVAX – Take away the ‘C’ and the ‘V’ and put an ‘H’ at the front… There you go, fixed it for you… your welcome 🙂

  2. *GIVEN THAT:*

    ○ COVID-19: …20% patients are symptomatic (of which, some 4% may either CPAP ventilation or further Critical Care intervention with corticosteroids at the very list).
    ● NCD’s: …at least 15% of people suffer from a non-communicable disease. They may be nutritional, but also congenital; but, a growing number of NCD’s are chronic and inflammatory in nature; and, the trend has been that chronic inflammatory conditions were generally stereotyped as “diseases of old-age”. However, the ‘BlueZones’ and the grew number of obese middle-aged (or, younger) individuals have since cast doubt on this thesis. Needless to say, heart disease & metabolic syndrome is not merely a whitecollar [male] disease. Moreover, irrespective of gender, age, race and even lifestyle, …it is understood that 0.3-5% of individuals are born with some sort of predisposition to, at least, epigenetic mutations & anatomico-physiological peculiarities.

    ○ COVID-19: …if COVID, then “¿Cytokine storm“ on reinfection🤔
    ● NCD’s: …if allergen§ (e.g., milk or bee-sting), then ¿lactose intolerance, ¿senile cataracts, ¿osteoporosis, ¿-leukemia or jUst anaphylactic shock on the 2nd exposure🤔.

    *Qn: with all this talk of COVID-19 and this “new buzzword” called ‘co-morbidities’, are we seeing:*

    A. correlation,
    B. causation,
    C. or, two phenomena superimposed…one upon the other…with the pandemic, itself, either disrupting routine HealthCare AND/OR accelerating nosological factors intrinsic to both itself and pathologies intrinsic to at-risk groups with comorbities comprising of NCD’s such as Metabolic Syndrome and/or chronic inflammatory conditions that my result from aetiologies arising out of the Communicable or Non-communicable set of diseases; ¿-favourable (i.e., “synergistic”) conditions that enhance nearly all attributes pertaining to the outbreak evolution of the coUrse of the pandemic…across the globe

    *..IN THIS PANDEMIC🤔🔍🔍🔍???*


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