Live Q&A on how to make our cities healthier



  1. The therapist et le maniement du double language. That the way. Wake up. On dit la vérité a demi mot. Very very very crual and sad way to move on. Time to make GOOD decisions. Put the blame on me. This is the ONLY way.

  2. Who the new red party most corrupt systems in the world .
    This is where your tax pay goes ………the world is becoming a sad place.
    The covid 19 pandemic is it a comedie show,??? Or a soap??

  3. Concerned about peoples health? Open more fast food places .today they are responcebel for 17 mil deads a year. World wide .

  4. 5g will help. 60 MHz is the frequency. Supposedly powerful enough to deplete oxygen.. The mask are working, so it wouldn’t hurt. Sarcasm in a sick wicked world.


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