Live Q&A on the role of young people in stopping the COVID-19 infodemic



  1. 3:20 Happy 15th Birthday Tom (Dr. Mike Ryan’s son)!
    Special thanks to Dr. Mike and Dr. Maira and their families as working so hard during this global Covid19 crisis must have put in lots of stress to their families especially on the very young ones!

  2. I want people at home to ask only in case they have a guest in their home to ask if they have covid in it currently because unless they do then they can use the bathroom where it spreads in the air currently in it.

  3. No wonder these videos have no comments. The truth is censored. Truth comments are deleted. What an honest up front bunch of people…..they’re as genuine as their make believe pl@n de mic.

  4. The guilt is written all over mike Ryan’s face….he will burn in hell for what he has sold his soul for…and he knows it, I bet he never sleeps peacefully.

  5. why is he talking about life in the last century? What has that got to do with a brand new unexpected plandemic?….nothing, it’s the nwo excuse.

  6. liars, you pandemic is the equivalent of a bad case of seasonal flu. One day someone will have to pay for what happened to the world…. and it will. shame on you!

  7. Thus pigs are all about them selfs … even now after their coruption they laughs at us pretending they work, but they have mazzone banks accounts …they didn’t resigned and WHO lost US money to help people in need … tios team of bandits hijacked WHO …

  8. I am very into politics.. And i think you are evil.. But for shure some young steerable females in politics is what you want for you’re orginisation.


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