Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. Why is the letality 10 times lower in half of the countries of the world? HCQ treatment. Nothing else. SHAME ON YOU. Shame on you.

  2. Today your statement Dr Maria was very upsetting. You talk to us as though you as WHO have handled this situation perfectly. Yes, you knew about the virus the end of December 2019. I knew it too. Yes, the highest alert was posted the end of January 2020. I knew that too. But, the world was told there was no need to close the borders. Some countries did anyway and WHO said not to overreact. We in Japan would’ve closed our border if you would only call it a pandemic but you didn’t until March 11th and in that approximately 40 days the virus spread throughout the world. You say we have learned a lot in this time. Yes we have. Do you really think you have done it perfectly?! Will you do the same again?! Are you saying you can not do any better because you’ve done it perfectly?! I believe the world would feel better if only WHO would admit there was something more that you could’ve done. And I certainly hope you will do better in the future. But at the same time most countries will learn to respond early and not wait anymore for WHO to state a pandemic. If you want solidarity, you have to also be honest to us.

  3. COVID-19 briefing 10 September 2020
    2:14 DG opening remarks.
    8:39 AstraZeneca trial halted message?
    12:53 Reaction to President Trump admission he knew severity of COVID-19 but blame WHO?
    13:52 Vaccine timeline projections?
    21:57 Why Europe lower deaths rate?
    26:08 Message to rich countries who have their own challenges to assist poor countries?
    32:59 Evaluation of states & WHO to-date?
    39:33 Vaccine challenge trials?
    40:57 What Dr. Tedros worry most?
    Visit WHO website for transcripts and guidances.

  4. I condemn WHO chief “Tedros” For his irresponsible behavior since January 2020 ,, He do not Deserve To be on the place of chief..

  5. Approximate pandemic start date: 01-Dec-19
    Days of pandemic 286

    World population: 7,811,202,000
    Total Infections: 28,607,382
    Total % of World’s population infected at some time: 0.37%
    Average days each individual actively infected: 14
    Average percent of the world’s population actively infected at any time during the pandemic: 0.018%

    Total deaths attributed to covid-19: 918,153
    Total % of World population dying while infected: 0.012%
    Average global daily deaths attributed to covid-19: 3210
    Average global daily deaths from all causes of death: 146,000
    Percentage of global daily deaths attributed to covid-19*: 2.20%

    Percentage of World’s population dying each day before the pandemic: 0.00187%
    Percentage of World’s population dying each day during the pandemic:*: 0.00191%
    Percentage change in daily death rate due to covid-19*: 0.00004%

    *Assumes all the people who died with covid-19 would have lived if the pandemic never happened.

  6. In India, unaware of the basic health education, most of the people are not following the guidelines of WHO. What is actually Herd immunity that can be a escape route for us?

  7. WHO stands for Wuhan health organization…. Tedros speaking on behalf of China, his master’s in Beijing…. The only way China and Pakistan made success is by not testing and by giving out false numbers…. And somehow this fool always believed those…. WHO should be decommissioned, no need of this organisation, which cannot give correct forcast, treatment or correct advice. The nature of virus was not known to WHO till it effected outside Chinese territories, fuck this organisation…. Can’t even speak clearly and effectively.. .

  8. Dexamethasone is NOT the only affective drug treatment for covid-19. How about prophylaxis and keeping patients out of hospitals in the first place by treating them within the first 5 days of diagnosis. Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc or Ivermectin to name just 2 effective treatments for prophylaxis. How about Vitamin D also?! Oh yeah NO money involved in that but billions of $s needed for the vaccine. I smell BS.

  9. คุณๆๆเผาแบงค์ดแลล่าขอให้หนูเลี้ยงชราตายังมีความหวังนาคะ

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  11. Mr. President, Dr. Tedros and Dr. Myeke … good afternoon from here… I am from Udaipur ( India)… just wish to bring a few things under your notice. There’s a Animal Aid Charitable Organisation here at Udaipur which is based at USA … they generally picks up desease affected dogs and animals from Urban areas.. sometimes they don’t… presently as we all knows that it’s a Global Plague Emergency everywhere… in my neighbourhood there’s a vacant house where a such desease affected dog very often comes and take rest.. I spoke to the local ward mayor Mr. Ali and he just gave me an ascuse that he can’t help into such matter because Supreme Court of India has put an stay over Municipal Corporation’s animal pick up van… I then called up to State Capital officials also and they have responded to me with fair responses but the problem still persists and there’s a chance of another Plague inside the city.. I called up to Animal Aid’s local personal Mr. Manoj and he told me that they generally picks such animals upon request and after recovery they drop such animals at the same place where else earlier Municipal Corporations used to pick such animals and they use to drop them to city outskirts… I am bringing this under your notice because Mr. Modi is good friend to you and together you can resolve such issues fairly and quickly!! Thanks Mr. President!!

  12. Excellent discussion and answers. The explanations of the clinical trials and associated problems was very helpful. I trust that there are many who will listen and understand the messages provided… quite obviously staged clinical trials and regulated testing are there for proven reasons.

  13. Thank you all particularly Dr Ryan for reminding us of the time.lines and timely statements presented by WHO… I remember feeling some pity for my fellow school students in my youth… The failed ones were for some reason negligent in their studies, actions and preparations for their eventual testing. they payed for their self sabotage. But it doesn’t help either to have a few belligerent and malicious actors along side them distracting them from their own sensibilities and responsibilities.

  14. F*** you ….who………. China giving money you people enjoying… side so many people dying…. you people enjoying in money…China giveg money

  15. Stop playing games at the people of the earth….
    You don’t want to let go the Vaccine and you announced that … Until when???
    We know you work for Zionism… So what is the End of your sick game???
    Is killing kids, people and countries so Enjoyable…
    We don’t want your Vaccine and your sick
    New World Order
    We know it’s all about it.
    Distroy the world to control it… In Hell i hope with the Devil who control your world order

  16. Dr Tedros, The USA is out of control with the pandemic & its leadership. The WHO is gives me a sense of security and knowledge that helps me feel hope. I cannot thank you and your organization enough. Sincerely, Janice

  17. When a disease appears we have to look after the people who is sick and look for the origin of it and deal with to make it dissapear. The vaccines don’t make the disease dissapear, they only are useful for pharmaceuticals to make dirty money.


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