Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. 21min woman insists that because serology shows less than 10% infection rate & “therefore a large number remain susceptible”.
    She cannot know that. 2 papers are published showing twice as many subjects have covid19 directed T-cells as show antibodies.

  2. Ryan states we don’t know where HI threshold is, but then he states with confidence we’re miles from it. He can not justify that, and doesn’t try to. Absolutely no rationale at all. Just ignores five good papers.
    These people want vaccination. I disagree because he claims we’ll need to vaccinate the world. Given 99% aren’t vulnerable, it’s immoral & illegal in many levels.

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  4. How come these people still in charge after failing millions of people around the world? People are out of jobs and suffering in every way every day.

  5. In 2050 world population will reach above 12 billion, crime rate and unemployment rate will become above 20/100, 1.5 million children are going to die every year because of starvation, 1.2 billion people are going to live in extreme poverty. Innocent children, women, everyone is going to suffer. Earth will become inhabitable. Hope you will do something before it’s too late. I’m just a nobody, still I’m doing my best… Do your best.
    ‘End will justify the means.’ ‘
    More are going to flourish in the new world than ever perished in the old.’
    A world without possessions, narcissism, religions or bounderies, a world with control over the population.. A united world of mankind, that’s my dream, I’m ready to leave this place for that dream. what’s your dream?
    Edit: I can only repost it again and again and again, till my last breath. This is the best I can do for those poor people and innocent children…

  6. tedros doesnt answer questions about ccp because ccp is always telling the truth right?
    ccp china has 4k deaths since 8 months right?

  7. No one takes what WHO says seriously anymore. They have lost any kind of validity by covering up for China and spreading its propaganda.

  8. Donald Trump cut the funding because u people need to get ur act together for 1 month but U decided not to and we are very annoyed

  9. WHO the rich boys club who are not on their game .praising China and them still eating dog bats cats etc .this who is really not fit for purpose .they live it up in 5* hotel flying first class collected in limos . A horrible good for nothing organization .


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