Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. I’m 30. I’m a little bit below overweight. I stopped checking my blood pressure because it was fine all the time. Anyway, watching this video I checked it again. The score said its fine.

  2. Not COVID-related question, but: “Is homework REALLY necessary?”, “Can it cause mental/physical health problems?” and “Should homework be banned?”
    📚 =🚫

  3. Congratulations on the effective vaccine, therapeutic and the three monoclonal antibiotics against EBOLA! As Dr Ryan said, when science, industry, compassion and humanity come together, there is hope! We will beat this virus together! 💪💪❤️❤️

  4. COVID-19 briefing 16 October 2020
    1:02 Introduction.
    2:20 DG opening remarks (Solidarity trial & vaccines).
    11:45 Vaccines authorization status?
    15:21 Nigeria protest?
    20:08 Mask?
    27:02 Remdesivir trial results & guidelines?
    37:09 Russian second vaccine?
    43:01 Sports matches?
    46:51 Remdesivir emergency use?
    49:09 False sense of security? 58:12
    55:12 Travel risk?
    1:01:32 Dr Ryan remarks.
    Visit WHO website for transcripts and guidances.

  5. how do we know how long we are going to be immune after the shots? There must be more trials with cancer medication.

  6. Dr. Fauci was so positive about Remdesivir. It shows how much bias there is under scientists. Well done WHO for doing a real study to investigate the effectiveness of these drugs.

  7. Criminal & Civil Class Action lawsuit has been launched by Dr. of Law, Reiner Fuellmich and a team of international lawyers against the WHO and specifically Tedros and WHO Officials in Germany/Canada/US for Crimes Against Humanity. The Lawsuit also encompasses Politicians who have Locked-down their countries instituting WHO measures resulting in Excess Deaths World wide due to WHO Covid 19 Lockdown Measures

  8. It seems to me alone that there are idiots in WHO? For a year now, they have been trying to guess what symptoms distinguish influenza from covid19. They are not even aware that wearing masks reduces the flow of air into the body, which affects blood circulation and, along with it, the protective functions of the body. Therefore, almost all the sick wore masks!

    Мне одному кажется, что в ВОЗ сидят недоумки? Они уже год пытаются угадать какие симптомы отличают грипп от ковид19. Они даже не в курсе, что ношение масок, снижает поступление воздуха в организм, что влияет на кровообращение и вместе с ним на защитные функции организма. По этому почти все заболевшие, носили маски!

  9. Better you say “now everybody just life like a Normal” you can work normaly ,you can share your smile without mask and enjoy your life without fu*** bullshit corona virus! we are freedom buddy

  10. Well, can this virus increase its strength in winter? don’t know when the medicine vaccine will come out. People all over the world are in danger today because of this China. I don’t feel well now.

  11. You are ashamed to tell us to wear masks and none of you have them. One day, at the end of being on earth, we all go to court!!!

  12. All WHO is doing so far is causing poverty world wide stated by their own organization .. how do these doctors sleep at night?

  13. Can you tell about the newest mutations and there relation to the effect on vaccins If 0.23% is true SARS-COV-2 does not belong on the A list and there is no pandemic.

  14. WHEN IS COVID-20 COMING?. Will it come with new extras and more precise direction where to perform?. New inserted chains of DNA?. Will it be selective who to attack to and the times and places ?


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