Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. No surprise we made a decision to live with it from the beginning. All Asian countries decided to eliminate it from the beginning. We live with consequences it’s the survival of the fittest and life is cheap. What scares me is not this one pandemic. Are we ready for the next ones… how we handled H1n1 the reason for my yearly flu shot shows the path.

  2. COVID-19 briefing 23 October 2020
    2:12 Introduction.
    3:35 DG opening remarks.
    15:30 Remdesivir FDA approval versus Solidarity Trial result?
    24:18 Brazil refusal to buy Chinese vaccines & risk of second wave?
    32:13 Europe situation & vaccines development?
    42:19 Korea deaths suspected after flu vaccine?
    43:56 China investigation mission?
    49:16 Mexico situation & compliance?
    56:02 Other preventions beside vaccines & therapeutics such as inorganic fat?
    Visit WHO website for transcripts and guidances.

  3. WHO ? CWHO ? Always support china 😏 last year begining of covid 19 you people say viruse is control and not spread ?

    WHO failed you failed to protect world people

  4. Dr. Tedros is the string puppet of china. He indirectly kills millions of lives and makes the global first-time-ever economic recession. Sarcastically, china is the only country to seize GDP growth meanwhile the rest of the countries are still battling with covid19 endlessly. What a joke🤮🤮china creates the virus and nw china sells solution to the world. President xi is a silent killer🖕🖕

  5. Death is a good teacher also death is a good advice becouse of that if you forget to thinking bout the death then you Will loss a good teacher also you Will loss a good advice from the life you are living liked you walkt to forward this life like that also you Will fight your death , no one know what Will be happen on this day also no one know what Will be happen on to marrow but if what Will be happen on this day is almighty law then almighty law Will bring you to a good ending but if what Will be happen on to marrow is injustice law then injustice law Will bring you to a bad ending to take a justice to give injustice as a law

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  7. This lot should should be tried fir crimes against humanity and if there’s any justice still left in this world, they will be.

    Evil people!

  8. People are trying to feed their families and pay their bills and all the WHO is doing is making things harder on countries, the lies need to stop!

  9. Van Kerkhove said that we need to prevent people who contract infections from getting ill but then does NOT tell you what they are.

    Ivermectin, Vitamin D. Monoclobals.

  10. Van Kerkhove also said if you get a positive test ideally you’ll isolate in a medical facility. Are you serious? Where will you fit 30k new infected people a day in UK?


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