Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. Load of stupid divots at the anti lockdown march at the weekend. Wish we as the uk 🇬🇧 were a more communist country like China 🇨🇳 and forced to comply like it or not.

  2. My most honourable respect to April Lindsay who had helped run the adminstrative side of the WHO which helped the world and all of us! May April’s soul Rest In Peace! 🙏🙏

  3. COVID-19 briefing 26 October 2020
    2:54 Introduction.
    4:11 DG opening remarks.
    12:07 Stop spread without lockdown?
    20:02 What drive resurgences?
    26:09 Mitigation & let the virus run its course?
    33:51 Mitigation by testing?
    36:44 Vaccine nationalism?
    41:53 Elections?
    46:14 Europe mistake?
    55:20 Italy nightclub closing early?
    57:41 Europe second wave?
    1:00:06 Has the virus mutated?
    1:04:00 Dr. Ryan & DG remarks.
    Visit WHO website for transcripts and guidances.

  4. I think sometimes if we look at COVID-19 from a more simple perspective, we might realise that all we have to do is to look after ourselves as individuals making sure that we’re not allowing the virus to use our body to transmit the virus.
    I am sure the virus itself also only looks from its own perspective. It wouldn’t be thinking of any complicated strategy in how to spread the virus. It would just look for any openings, cracks which we as individuals provide!
    Therefore, let’s joint together, cut the transmission links! It starts from each of us! 💪💪

  5. Well enjoy the briefing. Lori our RDN at Nutreek has and is going to continue utilizing a Great Method of Video outlets on public domain. Comments are as intended with language and cultural community general needs. Since this is a public forum we are relying on Lori being a Veteran to Say as heaven intends and since this forum go across multiple states and countries we are utilizing Lori as our general nutritionist which don’t require licensure and to reduce our droplet precautions by eliminating the spread of the virus and placing a hold on in person consultation. Lori is going to seek institutional work as a menu developer during his 🏢 isolated times. As a security precaution in 🇺🇸 Food is categorized in homeland security and we are aware of precautions. Our stats show: we are not at food shortages with a maximum of American guidelines general intakes. Stay Calm.

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  7. 34:00 “…banalisation of testing.”
    The subtitler gave up on that one.

    48:00 “The question was whether you…continue to build the public health service…”
    The EU is opposed to doing such things. It has been privatising services, not just health, the goal being to remove the power of governments and install the power of private companies.

  8. If I could whistle I’d whistle at the guy thats sitting in the middle…..
    There is something so special about him….
    I wonder what…. 💛😘😍😜😉☺😁😳😄😊

  9. I will like the genetics experts opinion on that
    1. When michael jackson chance the color of his skin from black to white
    Court case
    2. When a women cut the genitalia of her housband
    Court case

    The question is :
    What exactly tell as this 2 historical momentum
    About the genetics what that means
    In wich years this happens.
    And what the medical industry do about it .

  10. Ah, yes, there is no seasonality (while there obviously is), there are not mutations (literally there are mutations like every life cycle.. 7-14 days? or less?), this spike is definitely due to testing! Not the fact that our hospital admissions are exploding, there is no ICU/covid copacity and its not even November!


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