Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. target of vaccination should be the people whom drive, people whom travel, parents whom has kids whom doesn’t wear mask at schools, the people whom run without mask with the excuse of doing sports and the people seen wearing no mask.

  2. COVID-19 briefing 27 November 2020
    0:11 Introduction.
    1:36 DG opening remarks.
    8:40 Ultra-cold vaccine delivery?
    13:44 Vaccination percentage for herd immunity?
    22:55 Brazil second wave & lesson?
    31:33 Lockdown exacerbated transmission?
    34:03 Virus origin?
    43:54 AstraZeneca trial result reliability?
    49:54 Is international mission going to Wuhan?
    50:49 Vaccine allocation & Russian vaccine?
    1:02:52 DG closing remarks.
    Visit WHO website for transcripts and guidances.

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  4. Hello. I am writing this letter with a specific question that, if there are no problems, I would like to get an answer to. With regard to the spread of coronavirus around the world, Africa is statistically least affected, although there are local outbreaks of the virus. Recently, The world health organization recently said that universal quarantine is an ineffective method of fighting covid-19. So, here’s the question – is quarantine ineffective on a global scale or only for Europe, where the situation with coronavirus is no longer subject to control due to globality? Does it make sense to recommend the introduction of quarantine or isolation of certain regions with unfavorable conditions for countries where the coronavirus is not yet so global? In theory, isolating only certain regions at first can avoid a significant burden on the economy and medicine of the state, and gradually isolating from the most unfavorable region to the region with a better environment can significantly reduce the number of infected people and contacts between them, thereby preventing infection. I am not competent in this, this is just my idea, but I would like to know if it makes any sense or if the situation is already controlled? Thank you for your attention and wish you success in the fight against the universal enemy.

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  8. WHO SUCK CHINA PHOO……..still no reason why it took WHO over 3 months to say what china did…….social media told us first ✊🏾😷👍🏼

  9. This might sound a silly comment but I sincerely ask : would it benefit the fight of the virus if people wore extra shielding protection.. ie not just a mask but a helmet type thing that fits snug on shoulders that can be taken off and cleaned when home? or plastic arm/hand covers which are disposable or a full body plastic thin suit which can be thrown away after use? If everyone wore one we wouldnt look silly.

  10. These people are in bed with China which is why you never hear any critical statements about China even though they are responsible for the virus as well as world largest violators of human rights. Not to mention China is leader in pollution


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