Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. You’re not relevant WHo this is why these lad rat Government is not listening to you all and doing their own thing you all are lying and liers.

  2. Dr. Tedros sir, Dr. Ryan, dr. Maria and other doctors I am still watching and lessening only. As long I am waiting a call from agency to work again in Saudi Arabia as quality control and for the future of my family and maybe I can help theme. Joseph P. S Diocareza

  3. 48:12 Question re Canada
    49:03 Dr. Mike Ryan gave a very insightful and long answer that includes very high praise of Canada’s pandemic response.

  4. Such a great briefing. Such knowledgeable and to the point advise. I will be sharing this link to as many people as I can. People need to be watching these briefings and following these deeply involved and compassionate individsuals. Thank you all so very much.

  5. COVID-19 briefing 30 November 2020
    0:03 Introduction.
    1:18 DG opening remarks.
    11:12 Experts selection for virus origin investigation?
    18:06 Innovation for healthcare improvement?
    25:03 Ski season travel?
    31:12 Brazil concern & first or second wave?
    45:23 South Africa HIV & AIDS key to success?
    48:21 Preparedness for PPE & vaccines production?
    1:02:06 Mexico HIV & COVID-19 situation?
    Visit WHO website for transcripts and guidances.


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