Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. u guys segregated ladakh from the india map!! wth! ashamed of this organization.. 200% politics.. u r playing politics rather than stoping the spread of covid! change your organozation name .. u r not concerned about ppl health anymore.. god will play with you soon..

  2. The problems are widespread and holistic needs of millions of people are unaddressed. Its not rocket science people not simply a healthcare issue. Devastating losses have occurred psychologically, financially, etc. Corruption, greed and selfish power of authorities is our biggest challenge, it is obviously not ignorance or lack of knowledge. Loneliness, sadness and depression are 3 main plagues of humans. The virus, the vaccines, the funding, are distracting dialogues to the real issues at hand. Why the hell is this so difficult for people to grasp???

  3. Big story Keven, i understand that the prion on the S-spike is unnatural and couses neural ilness when it,s gone in your brain. So sars 2 comes out the lab. Everybody go to Kevin W mc Cairn on youtube can,t share this one.

  4. Stay way from Ethiopia ! ! !.. Made your mission to help people but deep inside work for your own interest… You cant manipulate EtHiOpIa with money.. Yes you uave to know this.. ! ! ! Ethiopia is not for sell…

  5. Norway – 23 frail care patients dead after getting Vaccine. The vaccine is being rushed without regard of people’s conditions and testing for possible contraindications. rtPCR Tests being abused beyond what it is meant for, with massive flaws, now peer-reviewed, causing massive crisis across the world. In South Africa, people die in hospitals due to lack of healthcare and workers – then attributed to Covid. Ivermectin banned in South Africa, while other countries already added Ivermectin to their list of responses. South African Government ONLY source of Vaccine, with NOTHING landed yet. Lockdown in South Africa, with NO FINANCIAL AID from the government (also banned alcohol costing 160000 jobs) causing massive hunger and hunger-related illnesses. Citizens of countries are losing trust in WHO, Vaccines and governments for valid reasons. NO ONE would on purpose want to die – we would want the truth, respectful constitutional treatment, NO LOCKDOWNS due to harm caused, and fair access to vaccines of choice and supporting treatment like Ivermectin and other we choose with our doctors.

  6. WHO has become less relevant, reliable and trustworthy over the years. Your handling of COVID is abysmal, blind-sighted and biased. In the meantime, governments destroy economies, people’s mental health is deteriorating, and with that immunity, which in itself will cause more severe response to Covid infection.

  7. Good. Continue our fact finding mission on the ground. The world expects full cooperation from the Chinese people on this issue. Thank you.

  8. Hotcool = nice smart teacher in Red – see ya = thank you
    Hotcool = during my studies in the TX.USA [1990-1998]-I had the privilege to help GG and her friends great WW2 veterans –they are very strong and nice people – who would give their life for the good = in honor of my friends and their families = Yee-Ha USA = thank you
    Hotcool = I wish you all a blissful happy 2021= further more I hope the evidence of vaccine cure is NOT related to placebo effects or any other mass hysterias = please be consciously smart safe [ face-masks – condoms – vitamins and Etc.]. = =thank you
    hotcool = Hotcool = Buddhist Arya Sinhala ( lion people of Sri Lanka the land of Buddhist-tooth-Tuskers [king elephants] )= greeting = AYUBOVAN – Wish all for long life + rebirth = Siinhala language = word for Jewish culture “yudevvan- යුදෙව්වන්” = thank you Hotcool = boxing =2 player trying to knock each other unconscious –spectators enjoying the fight = peace please=booom-no earth= no ww3= be safe-smart=thank you Hotcool =if history says that Jewish people & ++ had a violent past – -if Israel has a voting system at percent -which is a totally new leadership system = it would be smart to accommodate and live with Palestine people = which may reduce internal & external combustions = peace no ww3 = thank you Hotcool = if Jesus is born again = please do not let anyone kill him = learn what he has to say = thank you Hotcool= in sri lanka we [I] give homage to a god name Skanda kumara – deity protector of Buddhism – appears as a god with six faces and twelve hands etc.= thank you Hotcool= the voters national flag of Sri Lanka have 2 stripes one green and the other orange in order to give respect to the smart golden-oldies who lovingly called our island [ the Serendib = ?!/!?] = the golden-oldies of the desert the travelers [ merchants +++] of the silk road had saying – If you want to see god –visit the desert ?!/!? = they used the dry & heated desert sand to cooking & etc.= they also knew that Bering the carcasses in this hot dry desert sand will prevent them from rotting but gradually decompose the to the nature ?!/!?= but in wet lands like ours to situation is quite gruesome- the rotting bodies are become a feast for the cannibalistic little creatures [ most of my childhood was spent in a house near a common cemetery = it would be sadistic let viruses like covid 19 feast and mutate in the bodies of the loved ones = do the justice for your loved ones – just kill the beast covid 19= thank you Hotcool = have you ever wondered = why they killed a man named Jesus ?/? = if Jesus is born again- lease do not let anyone kill him – try to learn what he have to say -or any other nice smarty= peace please= thank you Hotcool=Since the day I met Mr. Arthur C. Clark – I wondered the –negative correlational coefficient between social-dumming-down and AI-control =?!/!?= Correlation is not Causation =[exp. Sci-Fi Short Film: “REWIND” | DUST ]=please be smart safe =thank you Hotcool = most probably time will tell – if not = thank you Hotcool =I spent some time to understand the normalcy of life before and during the killer virus . study in UK and Africa have suggested this killer can mutate to go with the environment = thank you Hotcool= few minute before the tsunami of 26 Dec 2004 – the sea water has been dragged towards the deep AND SEA BED OT THE SHORE-LINE HAS GOT ACCESSIBLE – there are lot of images depicting people fighting to claim owner ship to this new beech land – and most of them had fallen victim to the attacking forces of the tsunami waves =also evidence of animals who ran away [ sensing the danger -?/?]- surviving the deadly tsunami waves = learn to practice thinking twice before the ?!/!?[ jumping into a well]=ha!? Ha!? Ha!? Or NOT ?!/!? = thank you HOTCOOL = DIFFERENT WAYS OF LOOKING AT LIFE+ DEATH – IS THERE REBIRTH OR IS LIFE A RECYCLE [ forgetting – Dr. Jung] =+! ?/?!+= please say no to quick-death learn to enjoy life the hard-way= thank you Hotcool = more than 99.9999% of humans will not go to moon or mars = be safe = thank you Hotcool = learn to love life with compassion – ha!? Ha!? Ha!?= the good- the bad – the beauty – the ugly –the sweet –the sour –the savor – the saver And etc.= extreme attachments to numbers [money], words, photos and machines & whatever = may lose one hold on reality and happiness [ lonely ness and despair and distrust- like an alien language ]= moderation –the middle path is the key to happiness – Buddha =face mask and condoms please// =thank you Dr. Hotcool= I found pure dark crystal angle –one of his wings w/ere broken – glued and took it to temple got it [him] blessings from a good Buddha-dharma & monks- I keep him close by for good-luck = namo all buddhaya – peace =thank you Hotcool = the smart business means – do not kill the goose that lays golden egg daily= ?!/!? = thank you Hotcool = great monkey king or smart hanuman = peace= thank you Hotcool= in Sri Lanka we [I] give homage to a god name Skanda kumara – deity protector of Buddhism – appears as a god with six faces and twelve hands etc.= thank you hotcool = USA army’s great accomplishments – the history of [ making ] the Buddhist flag [col. Henry Steele Olcott ++ 28 May 1885-Sri Lanka] = thank you Hotcool = Buddhist Arya Sinhala ( lion people of Sri Lanka the land of Buddhist-tooth-Tuskers [king elephants] )= greeting = AYUBOVAN – Wish all for long life + rebirth [happy flow of samsara towards the bliss of nirvana ]= have you ever seen holy ghost fights in the religions section in any library ?/?= just like flowers Life [+human] blossom & wither away= What will happen to “Me & Mine” when “I” die =Om Buddha= may compassionate scientific good working life help life on earth= good luck fellow-smart-humanoids = peace=thank youHotcool =I thank All the brave people who preserved Sri Lankans freedom & the right to vote= thank you Hotcool = om nano amitabhaya – Buddha- dhamma –sanga Hari Rama –Veera Vibeeshana –Hari Krishna =peace= thank you
    I wish you all good well-being [positive psychology-APA] and peace [ no ww3]
    Thank you for teaching me
    Faithfull student
    Gihan panditha

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