Members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing


The White House


  1. Fauci, first, focusing on those placebos, I’ve understood that one is meningitis causing an astrazenica trial participant’s death, does this call into question the validity of that vaccine?

    Second, it was reported that you took chloroquine in 2020, the potent inhibitor of coronavirus as published in 2005 whilst you were head of the CDC, the people were lead to believe that there was no cure, nonetheless, you took this, why?

    Third, why is there a need for additional vaccines for the same coronavirus, was this to incentivize the pharmaceutical industry towards profits?

  2. Vaccines, masks, PPE, testing, blah blah blah. How about a little about vitamin D? vitamin C, zinc, selenium, a whole host of advice that could be given re diet and supplementation that would improve immune status to deal with any virus. They’ve got a laser focus on certain subjects and basically ignoring equally important factors. This is the major fail of this task force, and Biden won’t be any better, if he ever makes it to the White House (which at this point I doubt). Don’t even get me started on masks. NEJM study of tightly controlled masked, disinfected, socially distanced Marines (strict hygienic discipline!) showed no benefit of these strict measure in terms of spread of SARS-Cov2. As Biden would say, No joke!


  4. Why are we still seeing that Lying PEPFAR “B”? Why aren’t she and Fauci in Jail? Why are we continuously being lied to about effing “cases” and rises in statistics when even the ridiculous WHO begrudgingly came out and said that the Covid was no worse than our seasonal flu? But, of course, they are now claiming that our flu has been upgraded to seriously dangerous this year. I AM SO SICK OF THE LIES! HOW CAN WE TRUST EITHER PARTY WHEN THEY CONTINUE WITH THIS BS?
    I love you President Trump, and you may have a “plan” going on behind the scenes that you believe makes this fraud on the people okay temporarily, but it does not. There are just so many times someone can put up with lies like these before they just blow up and kick ass!!

  5. When you go to youtube search, and you type in “white house mike pence press conference” everything in the world comes up other than this video. They have Seth Myers making fun of it all in an insidiously liberal way but you have to actually go to the The White House page, thence to video’s, to find this video. Social media is over the top rn..

  6. If they get the vaccine approved and going into distribution this month I feel like Biden should concede the election even if he legitimately won just out of decency for what Trump’s team has managed to accomplish.


  8. Romans chapter 2 verse 15 16 their feet are Swift 2 shed blood destruction and misery are in their ways the way of Peace have they not know 17

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  10. Let us all celebrate that we are Americans and, America is the best country in the world! I am proud of President Trump and our Vice President speaking from the heart. Great job well done. I am proud of every law enforcement agencies working around the clock to keep America safe and great! God bless America

  11. Dont forget to watch the DHS proceedings. This current and exiting administration is about as deluded, and lacking integrity as it can get in a 1st world nation.

  12. I guess American voters are funny that way – for some reason they apparently did not like watching 250,000 fellow American citizens needlessly suffer then die as a direct result of former president Trump doing absolutely nothing to stop the spread of covid-19.

    Go figure.. as if the President of the United States committing genocide against his own citizens should carry more weight in the voting booth then Trump’s promise to build us a wall on the southern border and have Mexico pay for it…Really?

    Now it’s only a matter of time before caravans of MS-13 gang members start crossing the borders and moving into our neighborhoods, just like Matt Gaetz and former president Trump promised us would happen when Trump lost.

    Bottom line. I think it it’s very un-American to unilaterally vote out former president Trump just for being complicit in a war crime if that meant Mexico will never get the chance to pay for the wall, sending a clear signal to MS-13 gang members that our suburbs are ripe for the taking.

    And I’m still astonished as to how former president Trump was not able to muster more electoral votes than Hillary Clinton did in 2016..

    I mean ..I think we were only averaging 150,000 new covid-19 cases daily on election day.. a modest 4% increase from the 40, 000 daily new cases in April… What’s 4%?

    I bet what these pesky voters didn’t know is that former president Trump has been very busy the past 8 months doing the real work of the American people.. panhandling for gold in the rivers of Mexico – then letting them use the gold to pay for the wall, thus saving our country and suburbs from drug dealers and rapists..

    Hopefully next elections cycle America will get their priorities in order and realize the biggest threat to our national security, caravans of gang members freely crossing the southern border and moving in next door, outweighs any war crime, in this instance, genocide, the President of the United States may commit against his own citizens.


  13. Still loved when he smoked that come out on the debate.. didn’t she just cackled through it and lie on things like “good people on both sides” topic

  14. Did the huge Gatherings of Biden celebrations contribute to cases? I haven’t heard a word of those super spreader events. Kind of like when so-called peaceful protest we’re going on . were they bigger than Trump rallies? The media is full of s***. Pick and choose. Cut and paste. Direct the conversations

  15. Dear government millions who lost someone due to covid19 need help money and possibly some to talk too. Most Americans have higher bills now or can’t match their usual bills. Phone bills and data to keep up with news of the day and to keep in touch with family and friends have gone up. Americans please check and see if you can switch to lower cost plans now to try to help lower your cost. Government please put this through second stimulus payment . Cover dependents pay out to those under $60000 income. $1200 say Yes. Thank you. Electric bills have gone up with families at home. Delivery charges of food and orders online to get supplies (are costly) they couldn’t get at their local store. Thank you!!!


  17. Pence has to do it because Trump wont do it himself since his final last lawsuit got thrown out in PA the other day. Trump has basically checked out.

  18. You bunch of phoneys and you too VP pence.
    Make the CDC go back to receiving Flu reports. They have no ethical excuse to cancel it thru 2021 nor at all. Why are they trying to hide it? Because they want the continued covid19 assumed diagnoses to keep the narrative going , the money flowing and the public controlled by fear on the phony reports because of FALSE POSITIVE tests.

  19. You GO President Trump we are behind you! We Love You and are praying for you! You make us so proud! You will overcome!! God help our whole campaign to succeed. In Jesus Name!!!!!

  20. The American Flu has been with us at various levels for 50 years…….get over it…………..if your sick, wear a mask, if your old with issues…..wear a mask….leave the rest of us alone When your kids were sick with flu over the years….,did YOU wear a mask? No!!!!!!!! People die……life goes on for the rest of us……THAT’S LIFE

  21. Where President Trump was leading the Polls, PA GA, WI, NV, MN AR (Mari
    Copa County) Switched Republican Votes to Democrats, where Dominion
    voting systems used and tied to the Clinton’s.

  22. We, the people have a right to the truth, (as we supposedly vote you in, or not as the case may be), regarding all matters that are important to humanity. I’m pretty sure no-one likes being lied to.When so much is being made of all the lies in the election, what about the other elephant in the room? You’ve already told the whole world there’s over a 99% recovery rate, so answer a simple question…..why oh why do we need a vaccine? Politicians behave like they have every God given right to behave like schoolkids…..” I know something that you don’t know”, get over it, let everyone know the truth. People are sick and tired of the bs. Elderly people are frightened and scared to death, are you all complicit with that?…………..ffs, sort it out, grow some balls and tell the truth!

  23. The worse Government in history that never cared about the nation and only about their own ego.A little to late why still bother about the pandemic .Bib
    den to the rescue .


  24. We love Mr President Trump and Vice President Pence! Thank you for all that you do for our country! May God Bless You All! TRUMP 2020!! 4 more years!! The corrupt WILL BE DEALT WITH!!!!

  25. The great Reset is coming and there is nothing you can do. Pray and get right with God. God bless America and the President. He tried.

  26. This guy seems to forget how Trump said only yesterday “We are rounding the curve,it’s almost gone” THEY HAVE IN COMMON…..BOTH LIARS ,BOTH TAKING CREDIT FOR THINGS THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH,,,,,,THEY FAILED AMERICA IS WHY THEY GOT VOTED OUT !!!!!

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