October 2020 ACIP Meeting – Post-authorization safety monitoring plans


FDA safety surveillance systems; Post-authorization safety monitoring plans;
Modeling strategies for the initial allocation of COVID-19 vaccines

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  1. There is some pretty wild assumptions made here that simply do not match what the released data is from the initial studies have shown. The only manufacturer data currently provided is a lesson of symptoms measured at only one specific data point. There has been no evidence of transmission, hospital visitation or death reduction. Shouldn’t your models not be assuming on unproven information.
    On another note V-Safe appears to be a step forward and hopefully can improve on the current less than 1% current VAERS capture rate of adverse events though I do very much concur with the concert raised that many do not have availability of the tech to use this.

  2. Are you people all out of your mind? You realize what you are doing and who you are doing this for? Do you understand that YOU are each liable for TREASON? What gives you the authority to take “legislation” as LAW? Do the rules for civil procedure apply to We The People? NO! It does NOT! Perhaps YOU would like services provided to YOU by We The People? We offer JAIL for those who are accomplices to this FRAUD & for implementing ID2020 w/ vaccines, especially for the Covid fraud. These offenses are vile and disgusting things to perpetrate against the unsuspecting people. Get a real life! Not one bought and paid for by pharmaceutical companies.

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