Pledge to America’s Workers Presidential Awards


The White House


  1. Use the product industry to support the service industry. At a time of the virus… people might not travel or go sightseeing so much. But if you have a product you can sell…. a souvenir, an edible item. You can stay afloat till things get better. Also ….. the transport n delivery industry can be expanded to accomodate furloughed workers. Actors unemployed? Go digital, cartoons, voice acting, education…. explore and expand. Watch unemployment n crime!

    Stay strong n MAGA!!!

  2. There she is as Frank Sinatra song says “”She hates California for its cold and its damp” that is why ‘The Lady Is a Trump’,, Ms Ivanka Trump could she be the first American woman President? for I can sense many signs that she is!!!

  3. God Bless Ivanka , working so hard and to recognize 9 Organizations to Invest in Americas Jobs training and economic security empowering Americans in their programs 🙂 Trump 2020

  4. Congratulalations and great respect to the individuals to help make the Pledge to America Workers Presidential Award possible 🙂

  5. Matching skills with workers I believe starts in grade school.Vocational training is an option for those who don’t go to college.


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