President Trump Delivers Remarks in Honor of Bay of Pigs Veterans


The White House


  1. It is not easy to fight against the factions eroded by communism. It is not easy to fight against the media that has been bought by
    profit. It is not easy to fight against organizations that take communist ideology as their purpose. It is not easy to fight the CCP
    regime that created the CCP virus. It is not easy to eradicate communist ideology in the United States. It is also necessary for the
    United States to return to the traditional values ​​of upholding justice and respect for the world, and thus become strong again.
    Mr. President, please remember that you are not alone if you stand by God’s side.

  2. Wwg1WgA Q friends from Worldwide for Mr.PRÄSIDENT Dj.Trump and Amerika and Germany and Worldwide TIM KELLNER for Präsident Germany! Wwg1wgA Q friends! God.bless Mr.PRÄSIDENT,Dj.Trump! God.bless you!

  3. 💕 God bless you President Donald J.Trump your continuing hard work, honesty, integrity, bravery and Patriotism, YOU × ARE × APPRECIATED!!!! TRUMP / KENNEDY 2Q2Q 💕


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